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A Guide to Creating an Online Crisis Management Strategy

In the 21st century, crises are part of the business model. The days when one would bury their head in the sand and bide their time during a crisis are in the past. An effective crisis management strategy should include proactive steps and planning ahead of time to minimize the unwanted effect of the crisis on the business. An effective crisis management strategy can significantly decrease the damage caused by the crisis to the company.

It is imperative for the company to take the effect of the crisis on its employees, customers, and suppliers into account, since one can hit at any time without much prior notice, and survival would require advanced planning.

Below are six important steps any company’s crisis management strategy should include:

1. Build Your Crisis Management Team

Building a crisis management team is not an option but a requirement to prepare for a digital crisis. A crisis management team is put in place to shield a company from the negative consequences. The Crisis Management team helps a company prepare for unavoidable dangers. Organizations build teams to plan future actions and develop tactics to assist them in getting out of tough situations as quickly as feasible.

2. Face the Crisis Head-On

Although each crisis is unique, certain broad concepts apply to the majority of crises. Whatever the situation – the media, and the common people are interested in learning more about it.

Telling the truth is the guiding concept for dealing with such problems. Only the facts should be made public. Make no assumptions, guesses, or speculations about any part of the problem. Before making any remarks, ensure that legal counsel evaluates them.

3. Create A PR-Friendly Media Campaign

To support the crisis management efforts, it is important to have strong internal communication and create a media plan. For example, if the PR team wants to release a press release, they should inform the crisis management team and legal counsel. The portrayal of the organization during the in media can majorly affect the future of the company. If the company doesn’t have specific teams, hiring a public relations agency or a crisis management consultant becomes necessary.

4. Monitor Your Online Presence

It is important to monitor how the crisis is affecting the online presence of the company. If the negative or false information ranks higher in the search results, the company should take the necessary steps to build a strong positive online presence. In the data-fueled world, negative and false information can spread like a fire. So, maintaining a positive digital presence becomes a part of the crisis management strategy.

5. Understand Any Potential Legal Issues

The company should explore legal questions with an attorney. The “no comment policy”, often advised by attorneys, might harm the company’s image or cause media to increase the official scrutiny. The company can run all details going public through the legal counsel to analyze the legal implications of the same. If and when the issue leads to civil litigation or perhaps criminal prosecutions, the failure to speak by the corporation being sued will negatively influence the jury.

6. Consult Crisis Management Experts

An emergency management consultant advises commercial enterprises and government organizations on coping with disaster circumstances and provides analytical services. Your responsibilities in this position include assisting groups or organizations in developing disaster response plans, developing crisis protocols, and overseeing preparation training.

If the company makes conscious efforts to have a strong crisis management strategy in place ahead of time, the damage caused by an unpredicted crisis can be mitigated swiftly.


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