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Youngest Music Composer/Producer: Sanjay S Yadav

Sanjay S Yadav is an Indian Pianist, songwriter, music director, and a well-known violinist associated with independent music. Apart from film music and soundtracks, he is associated with folk, Hindustani, traditional hymns, Hip-hop Punjabi pop music, and Sufi. Sanjay S Yadav was born on 03 March 2003. His piano talent was first spotted by Bollywood playback singer Yasser Desai through Instagram. Thus he collaborates with Yasser Desai and Dev Sharma for his first-ever single. After that, his talent was spotted by grammy award winner Warrenhuat and then he releases his music album LEVEL with him. He is now working with Divyam Agrawal in his music album I M Not Alone and Tears. Currently, he is working on his other Independent music, for which he writes songs too.

At the age of 17, he has achieved success and became a popular music producer from Gwalior and when he was 14 he has started learning music from Pandit Jayvardhan Sharma. He has completed his higher studies from St. Mary’s School and he is a science student and now preparing for being a doctor.

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He can play many musical instruments but his favorite and he loves to play the piano most. His interest was developed in piano when he was 15 years old and play a simple rhythm on piano and then he committed that he will because of a great pianist from India.

His has received a director award from the rotary international club and his studio was awarded by musical home. He has done few live piano concerts in India, his first show was in Raipur Chattisgarh. He is supporting all Indian artists and wants to grow them in the music field.

Sanjay S Yadav is now live in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh and he is now a co-founder of 7F Star Music Studio in Bhopal with Dev Sharma, now he has collaborated with music producer Divyam Agrawal and SWAGGER DEEVS as a digital partner.

His first music album was Mandolin & Clavihcord, It’s a romantic music album and the music was edited by Warrenhuart. In Mandolin & Clavihcord many instruments were used such as Violon, guitar, piano, and bass.

He has created a soundtrack I Am In You with Indian
singer Sharvi Yadav and the soundtrack hits thousands of streams on digital platforms. a better name for him is a digital musical star. His piano music I Am In You was loved By Indian composer B Praak and Kunaal Verma ( Indian lyricist ), his most of friends or even classmate don’t like him because of his look but he deserves million of heart for his work, in a meeting he said that he was rejected by his own friends at the last day of higher studies session.


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