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Marginalisation of Eunuchs – Sonali



Marginalisation, the word itself coveys to us a deep and thoughtful message. Margin means an edge of something. We know that an edge consists of a small portion or a small area. Margin though gives a completion to a project but is never given much importance. It seems to be excluded. Similar is the situation of Eunuchs in the society. Our so called “society” that considers equality of supreme importance, seems to adopt marginalisation when talked about Eunuchs. We also know the clever trick that the society adopts when they face the media or press. That is the time when humanity and deep respect for all the genders come out from their heart.

Firstly let’s understand what exactly marginalisation is. Marginalisation is the process of excluding a class of people or a group of people. Thus, by doing so they treat them as secondary and give them less importance. Marginalisation excludes such class of people and boycott them from society. Eunuchs in a simple term means a transgender or a third gender. Usually such people are a part of social exclusions. There are various reasons hidden behind the marginalisation of eunuchs.


Let us throw a light on some reasons that why do eunuchs have to face marginalisation from the society.

Lack of equality

The basic right of every human is to be treated equally with everyone around. Eunuchs are deprived of this. It is because of their gender. They don’t have defined gender. Gender inequality still prevails in our society which has led to a major differences in the society. Gender indifferences divide the society into parts of various communities that further leads to major misunderstandings and disputes.

Educational status

In the fast developing era of technology and advancement in various sectors every workplace needs highly skilled and qualified people. Education is a must for each and every individual. Eunuchs hardly have any idea about the importance of education. Hardly one percent from the hundred are aware and they educate themselves with at least the basics, which is a must.

Living standards

A person should at least possess a certain standard of living to maintain a dignity in a society. Despite numerous hardships, the society respects the one who is independent and works hard to earn a living. Eunuchs have no proper guidance or standards to match up with the society, that is the reason society doesn’t accepts them.


Uncertain behaviour

Many people around have this fear developed in mind that eunuchs may behave weird or in a manner that is harmful or uncertain to them. This is the major reason why many people fear talking to them or approaching them.

Lack of employment

Eunuchs lack employment. This is because they do not have the trained skills or and expertise domain wherein they can work and serve the nation in any form. This leads to their inability to pay taxes and premiums of insurance, etc. Employment also forms a part of major source of respect in society, because we all know a person is known by the work he does.


One human has a control over a birth of a soul. The gender, the qualities, colour, etc. are the determined from birth itself and no one can change it. The one who is the Creator, never discriminates so how can we as humans do so? God creates each and every individual so different from one another that each and every one is special in its own way. Agreed that Eunuchs are different form the rest, but after all they too are humans. Every individual has a right to live a life with basic freedom and right. Somewhere or the other we, being the part of this society are also responsible for the cause of marginalisation of eunuchs.

How many of us took a step forward or took an initiative to stand for them? They lack education because education is not provided to them. We hardly have any schools that can provide them with education. We hardly have any trainers or guides who can guide or teach them. Thus, let’s not just blame the society for the cause of marginalisation of eunuchs. A minor step of change can lead to massive changes that can embark the history. Our every step of individual, every small helping hand can bring about the change in their life and moreover, help reducing the social exclusion of eunuchs.

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