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An interview with the best selling author, Akash Dadwal, author of 2 best selling novels

“Love and War are similar in a way that both demand sacrifice. The one, who is scared of sacrificing something, will ultimately fail to achieve the ultimate goal of winning either war or love.”                                                                      -A Romantic Mystery-

What happens when a love story has an unexpected plot with nail-biting surprises? It, as a thriller provides entertainment by making readers uncomfortable with moments of suspense, the heightened feeling of anxiety and fright. A Romantic Mystery is a book of that kind. The idea of writing a romance novel was in my head for three years. But I wanted to write something unusual, real, and not a utopian story. I waited for one year, observed my surroundings, and came up with the idea of the plot. And, to my surprise, this book became an Amazon best-seller within two days of its release. Love has intrigued all of us every time so did the suspense, so bringing both of them together provided me an edge. In this book, I wrote an intriguing narrative of three friends (Rudra, Ashrith, and Ved) with their unalike journeys to embark upon and a damsel in distress but yet a strong and smart girl, who conquers her fate with hope and positivity. Most of the time what you’ll see is a mere facade and nothing else. I’ve portrayed the journey of these three musketeers to be different but their destination to be falling on the same place to unfold the realities of their life. On the quest for truth, they are encountered with many indigestible truths. Their faith, after that, is uprooted in God as well as in themselves. They choose their destination but reach where destiny wanted them to. Will they be able to find the mystery girl or the whirlpool of wickedness will consume them? Want to know what happens to Rudra, his friends, and the mystery girl? Find the answer in the book. In short, it is a story of real friendship, love, revenge, and so many things. I’ve used simple yet rhapsodic words to make the narration gripping.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book:

·        “Seconds are like days, minutes like months and hours seem years when you are waiting for someone you love by heart.”

·        “Fears are fears, only when you have something to lose”.

·        “Bravery is not accepting your destiny, it is to fight with it and get what you deserve”.

·        “The good thing about god is that it’s true whether or not, you believe in it”.

It is a love story with visible scars. It’s not an ideal romantic fairy tale, but the one with reality. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this best-seller. Happy Reading!




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