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Self dependent, experts and shortcuts- all you need to know about to be a hustler – Nilanjana Sarkar

Self dependent, experts and shortcuts- all you need to know about to be a hustler.

Celebrity Author Nilanjana Sarkar hails from West Bengal, Alipurduar and currently she’s studying in class 12. She’s the founder of THE QUIDDITCH INK PUBLICATION, She has also worked as an Entrepreneur with team Elite which deals with E-commerce, direct selling and social media platforms, she has already completed her internship in marketing by UNLEASH YOUR PASSION.

She has been awarded as Dadasaheb Phalke award and Extraordinary talent award on 2020 by Star and Genius book of record, forever star book of record as an Achiever of the year, her article had also get published and featured over mt.kenya times, Diaspora Times Global, weekly mail, daily hunt, real preneur, and as a celebrity Author, she’s is very hardworking and passionate girl. She is a public speaker as well as a motivational speaker.

She’s not what happened to her, she’s what she chose to become. And as per her life, she firmly believes that life was never supposed to be easy and we should not complain on anything what we have. We must always try to solve problems of ourselves and others too who’re in trouble.She learned a thing in life is when you’re optimistic, you’ll find better opportunity. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.It’s hard when you start over a thing after being failed or bullied many times from many people, but also it’s not impossible as well. Whatever the situation may comes face it, break it, make it but just don’t run from it.

The day when you’ll start dreaming of SUCCESS, when you’re addicted to SUCCESS, that day you’ll truly earn yourself for being the better version in your life. It’s The Life which screws us up the most but also it’s The Life which makes us beautiful. This is the power of life, who can rebuild us again with many things. And it’s the people who makes things complicated be demoralising themselves.

We must always stay consistent on our work with always positive vibes whatever may tte thing’s comes in life forget it always be with a positive state of mind, it will nourish you, nurture you and will help in rebuilding. Their should be leadership with unique creativity for the upgrade generation. Think for the future, work with the experience from the past and action it on the present and be consistent to it. Then only the success will come.


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