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Vishal Goel journey from an Ordinary guy to Social Media Expert

Vishal Goel, a young social media personality, a memer, known by his page on instagram @awesomness_is_here_, isΒ  a 21 years old boy, hailing from the heart and capital of India, Delhi. He has graduated from the renowned Delhi University, the university in which most of the students dream to take admission, which clearly shows how intelligent he is in studies as well, apart from social media management. He is also preparing for CA, as he aims to become a well known and successful CA in the near future.
As a known social media personality, Vishal’s main interests include social media management and digital marketing, as he has already handled 200m+ social media network till now, which is a great achievement itself. His journey as a social media manager and an admin started on 23 January 2017, when he joined Instagram. When asked to Vishal, how he thought about starting a meme page of himself on instagram, he answered, “One night my younger cousin asked me to do something new.
We started an Instagram Page posting Quotes and Memes. Started as a Fun and here we are today!”.
Vishal is very hardworking from the beginning, as, being born in a Middle Class family, his aim is to earn enough in life so that his mom and dad never have to see budget before buying anything! Which is a great thought and keeps him motivated in life to keep on achieving his different goals and reach to great heights. He, at a very young age, has already achieved much in life. A Self Made millionaire at a very young age, yet, he never stops dreaming and setting different big goals in life. His life journey and achievements can really motivate young generations to achieve their dreams in life.
Vishal believes that, “Be a Good Person but do not waste time Proving it”, which is very practical in today’s time.
In a capsule, Vishal is a very talented, intelligent and hardworking young man who is very practical in life. He looks very calm from outside, but holds a storm inside which keeps on forcing him to go forward in life.
Written by – @theunderratedhuman


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