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What are the Significances of Rudraksha mala?

What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha (which is also known as “Rudraksh” ) are dried seeds of the tree, which grows in selected locations like SE Asia, botanically his name is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. As per the shivmahapuran, it is also called “Tears of Mahadev” and there are many legends connected to lord shiva that explain its origin. The word Rudraksha comes from “Rudra” (that’s the name of lord shiva) and “Aksh” means tears of the lord.

How did Rudraksha mala develop?

Hindus and Buddhists have long utilized rudraksha malas as a tool for meditation and spiritual development. Malas, which are made from the seeds of the Rudraksha tree, is revered as a powerful and sacred tool for establishing a connection with the divine and one’s inner self.

The Rudraksha tree is mostly found in Nepal and India’s Himalayan region, and it’s believed that its seeds have a certain vibration that can help people on their spiritual journeys. Malas are frequently used in mantra chanting, meditation, and other spiritual disciplines to facilitate the connection between the individual and the divine.

Here are the significances of Rudraksha mala:

  • Connect with the divine:

Rudraksha malas are thought to have a certain frequency that can facilitate spiritual reconnection. Since it is believed that the Rudraksha tree’s seeds contain Lord Shiva’s spirit, they are revered and strong.

  • Encourage general well-being:

Rudraksha possesses healing qualities and helps in enhancing general well-being. The electromagnetic qualities of the Rudraksha tree’s seeds are said to assist balance the body’s energy and encourage both physical and emotional recovery.

  • Increase awareness and attention:

Rudraksha malas are frequently used in meditation and mantra chanting to help people in improving their attention and concentration.

  • Defense against harmful energy:

Rudraksha malas offer defense against evil forces and spirits. The Rudraksha tree’s seeds have a natural aura that wards against harmful forces and shields the wearer.

  • Help with spiritual growth:

Rudraksha malas are regarded as potent instruments for spiritual development. As the Rudraksha tree’s seeds are supposed to hold Lord Shiva’s energy, they can facilitate a person’s connection to the divine and their inner self.

Identifying an Original Rudraksha Mala:

Due to the increased demand for rudraksha malas, the market is overrun with imitation and phony goods. To ensure that you receive the full advantages of wearing a rudraksha mala, it is imperative to select an authentic piece. The following characteristics will enable you to recognize an Original rudraksha mala:

  • Verify the texture of the surface. An authentic rudraksha bead has a natural hole in the middle and a rough surface. The hole is not man-made and the surface is not smooth.
  • A genuine rudraksha bead is quite light in weight and does not float in water, thus check the weight.
  • Burn a bead just enough to release a nice aroma, such as that of sandalwood, to determine if it is an authentic rudraksha bead.
  • Consult an authority, If you have questions regarding the rudraksha mala’s genuineness, consult a trustworthy seller or an authority.

Important components of the original Rudraksha mala:

The number of mukhis, or faces, on the beads, is the first element that influences the cost of an authentic or “Rudraksha mala original“. A Rudraksha bead is thought to be rarer and more potent the more mukhis it contains. The most expensive and regarded as the most potent Rudraksha mala is one with one mukhi.

The Original Rudraksha mala price is an important consideration. Genuine Rudraksha malas can be quite expensive, so it’s important to be knowledgeable about the factors that can affect the price.

Learn about the Rudraksha Malas’ Certification

To make sure you’re obtaining a real, high-quality product, you must get a certified Rudraksha beads mala. When buying Rudraksha beads, it’s important to conduct some research because there are many fakes on the market. A verified mala of Rudraksha beads come with a certificate of authenticity and has had the beads examined to make sure they are real.

If you want to buy a Rudraksha mala online, it’s important to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable source. To get the most out of a Rudraksha mala, which is a sacred and potent tool for meditation and spiritual development, it’s crucial to use only certified, premium Rudraksha beads.

Where to get the original rudraksha mala?

Receiving Rudraksha from a reliable and reputable source is crucial. Rashi Ratna Bhagya carefully chooses and authenticates each rudraksha before offering it. The Rudraksha then goes through a consecration process.

Offering a variety of Rudraksha varieties with diverse benefits and applicability is “”. Make sure to choose a Rudraksha that is right for you. Click here to read more.


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