Saurav Maheshwari Ace of Digital Marketing

Saurav Maheshwari Founder of TTS.MEDIA  Saurav Maheshwari,
Saurav Maheshwari

Saurav Maheshwari Founder of TTS.MEDIA
Saurav Maheshwari, the 20-year old with his tremendous social media knowledge and strategies, has done multiple promotional campaigns for different social media networks and companies and known for his creativity and his time management skills.
Being a bright student as well as a great digital. 
In the field of social media, he has 10m+ followers Instagram base and also, he has handled upto 100m+ base in the past, which shows his talent as a social media handler very well. As a digital marketer and influencer, he currently works as a social media influencer for big brands named ampme, tiktok, vigo, etc, which shows, whether it is about studies or digital marketing, whatever he decides to do, he does it effortlessly and smartly.
He is also the CEO, and Founder of TTS.MEDIA, one of the esteemed digital marketing firm in India.
Born in Ujjain (M.P) and coming from a middle class family where his father works in a Private sector,his mother being a homemaker and his sister working in a Company sector, what Saurav has achieved is a dream of many people in this competitive world beside his struggles. The Saurav 20-year old has reached the crescendo of success with his eminent digital marketing skills and appealing content forum and currently He is Live In Pune (Maharashtra)
Saurav says, ” Be Positive. Be Happy or   Believe in yourself.
 Now having bases over millions of audiences and constantly heading to create the best puns of the ongoing trends along with his social strategies.
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