Friday, July 12, 2024

Sagar Parmar, Social Media Wizard

Sagar Parmar, a 23 years old, young man, is kind of a social media wizard! Hailing from the city of dreams, Mumbai, India, he has done his graduation in the field of Information Technology (IT) and is currently doing a job in an IT firm. His main interests include social media handling and Digital Marketing, and with his knowledge in IT, he handles social media something like a magic, that’s why he is called as a social media wizard. With his great talent, he can handle social media effectively and can easily help anyone’s social media account or business to grow exponentially, whether in terms of followers or fame it is. He is a great planner, hence, he does every task with proper planning and his efforts let his tasks reach to great heights in terms of success.
Sagar is very talented that he’s dealing with one phobia called “MEPHOBIA”. His so called phobia to become amazingly awesome also helps him to achieve his great goals and showcase his talent. As you can already guess now, his main interests include social media management, digital marketing and IT.
Sagar always try to aim high and set creative goals. According to him, his dream job would be,”Driving the Karma bus!”.
He lives freely and doesn’t care about what people think about him. His principle of living according to him is, “F*ck world, make your own rules!”. He believes that, we ourselves are the masters of our fates and should never live according to the rules set by the society.
Sagar, at a very young age, has already achieved a lot, whether it’s in the job or social media fame, still, he’s a very down to earth person and treats everyone with kindness, which describes his attitude towards life and people. In a capsule, he’s like a calm ocean, full of water yet wise to serve.
Written by – @theunderratedhuman


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