Badal Sahoo, a boy from Odisha is The Unstoppable Force who is Making Money with his Marketing Strategy

Badal Sahoo, the 18-year old with his tremendous social media knowledge and strategies, has done multiple promotional campaigns for different social media networks and companies and known for his creativity and his time management skills.
Apart from the Instagram market of 100+ million bases, the digital sensation also holds an influential place on other social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook campaigns.
He is also the CEO, and Founder of CLOUDS.MEDIA, one of the esteemed digital marketing firm in India.
And now aiming for movie marketings and to working with foreign brands beside previously Ampme and Danielwellington.

Born in Bhubaneswar (ODISHA) and coming from a middle class family where his father works in a government sector,his mother being a homemaker and his sister working in a corporate sector, what Badal has achieved is a dream of many people in this competitive world beside his struggles. The 18-year old has reached the crescendo of success with his eminent digital marketing skills and appealing content forum.
Badal says, “Invest in yourself. Take risks. Learn from mistakes. Or regret working for who does.”
He aimed for creative contents and gained a happy family over social media and now having bases over millions of audiences and constantly heading to create the best puns of the ongoing trends along with his social strategies.


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