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Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea: What Makes This Worth Trying?

Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea is a great option if you are tired of the mundane taste of your regular green tea bags. It is more flavorful and refreshing.

Do you love green tea but are bored of the regular ones? Have you tried organic green loose leaf tea yet? If not, you should try them the earliest possible. After all, their delightful flavor and aroma make them a better option than bagged tea. In fact, their soothing taste profiles are not something you can find in bagged teas. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the qualities that make loose leaf green tea a better option than tea bags.

Are Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea Different from Tea Bags?

Do You Know?

The history of loose-leaf green tea hails back to ancient times when Chinese Emperor Shen Nong accidentally drank water boiled with a dead leaf in it.

Yes, they are! Let’s begin with the basic difference: organic green loose leaf tea has leaves that are whole and broken. These leaves brew a flavor, indulgent and refreshing tea. On the other hand, tea bags contain dried, processed ground tea leaves that give a mundane flavor. Moreover, tea made with loose leaves is more aromatic as compared to bagged tea.Β 

Loose leaf green tea is characterized by its natural and refreshing taste. What’s more, it can be a part of just any tea sipping routine. Whether you need green tea to kickstart your day or for your cozy evenings, organic green loose leaf tea is simply perfect. Find fresh green tea leaves from Backyard Brew.

What Makes organic green loose leaf tea Worth Trying?

Organic green loose leaf tea are less processed and more natural. This gives them a subtle yet refreshing taste. So, if you are tired of consuming your conventional tea bags, this one is worth-trying. Here are some of the more reasons why you should try these leaves at least once in your life:

Premium Quality and More Flavorful!

What makes these teas so amazing is their high-quality ingredients. They are made with minimally processed tea leaves which give a more indulgent yet refreshing flavor to the tea. The best part: loose leaves don’t come with fanning’s or tea dust – like tea bags. Therefore, the brew produced is cleaner and fresher. Moving on to the flavor profiles, they are subtle yet nuanced. Yes, that’s right! With loose-leaf tea, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are some of the flavor notes you get to taste with organic green loose leaf tea:

Flavor Notes of Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea








Loose Leaf Tea is Healthier!

Green Tea for Weight Loss!

Do you know that green tea consumption can increase metabolism by about 3–4%, which could mean that your body burns an extra 54–72 calories a day?Β 

Another thing that makes organic green loose leaf tea worth trying is that they have more health benefits compared to regular ones. After all, this tea is minimally processed. The main reason why it should be a part of your tea collection is that it is rich in antioxidants. Therefore, it is really good for your heart health. Plus, it is also quite beneficial in lowering cholesterol. And that’s not all! This tea also prevents the risk of diabetes by keeping the sugar levels maintained. It is also good for your cognitive function and immune system.

Green tea is not just good for your physical health but for mental relaxation too. It has proven to be super effective in reducing stress and anxiety.

Brewing Loose Leaves is An Experience!

Brewing organic green loose leaf tea is no less than a craft project – surely a pleasant one! The making process of this tea is not like brewing tea bags. It is not like popping the bags in boiling water and just waiting for the color to change. In fact, it requires you to be fully involved in the process. This may sound tiring and too much work. However, it is quite interesting. Being a part of a process that leads to taste-filled outcomes, makes the tea even more enjoyable. If you are a tea connoisseur, this tea is a perfect pick for your cozy evening tea rituals.Β 

Conclusion: Is Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea Worth Trying?

Absolutely, yes! This tea is a pure delight for tea lovers because of its unique taste profile. It has flavors that not every tea offers – nuanced yet subtle. Moreover, it is very less processed. That is why it is packed with health benefits. Most people think green tea is just for weight loss. But this one offers so much more than that. It is good for your heart and brain health plus helps in reducing anxiety. Do you hesitate buying loose leaf green tea because brewing it seems like a hassle? Believe me, it is not! In fact, the whole process makes the tea sipping experience even more enjoyable.


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