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Urja Joshi becomes the most influential young woman for the second time in a row

Urja Joshi, 19, was announced as one of the most influential woman in the author world, in the year 2020, and as we wrap the year 2021, she bagged the spot again. What had netizens by shock was the fact that the female author won all these titles for only her one release, also her most popular book, YELLOW: THE VERSES OF HURTING AND HEALING. the young author has marked her place in the writing world by constantly being nominated for multiple award categories, for her name making and critically acclaimed release, in the year 2020.

Her influence on young generations’ writing is evident, as there are writers dreaming about making it, who constantly talk about Urja Joshi being their source of inspiration.

Author of “Champagne & Talks” SMITA JAIN, talked in an interview about how she looks up to Urja, “what she has done at just 19, is incredible, and she is inspiring a surge in women, to come ahead and create art out of their pain, she is a hero and I have no shame in admitting that I look up to a woman who is younger than me.”

No wonder Joshi has won the title of being the most influential yet again, the author gets love of young fans over Twitter and Instagram almost daily, and they have nothing but best wishes for their favourite author. Her contribution is not only the writing world but also feminist conversations is unbeatable, she is also known for talking about issues that tend to take a back seat in other authors’ books. Her versatility has bagged her this title, hence everyone believes that her winning this title is well deserved and undisputable. Since these titles are distributed by public choice, it is quite evident where Urja Joshi stands when it comes to popularity. Amidst all this, everyone is waiting patiently for the next announcement by the writer regarding her next release. Fans anticipate, she will surprise them like she always does.

The young author is also rumoured to be a part of the Mumbai film and literature festival which is not confirmed as of now.


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