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Meet Varun Sharma, 20 year old entrepreneur & founder of two tech companies

Varun Sharma is a 20 year old entrepreneur who’s born in Delhi on 9th February 2001.

This Young entrepreneur is running a magazine company name “Magazine max” which helps the small business owners, influencers and other small enterprises to show up in the internet world, by publishing about them on their website and magazines.


Now, talking about how he started his journey is way more interesting than anything. Varun says ‘It was 2018 when I just used to waste my time in scrolling memes on Instagram and I knew nothing about how one can make money from social media. At then I got connected with people on Instagram who are already making money with social media, I followed their strategies to make money for myself through the social media but I badly failed in that and end up with nothing in my hands. I didn’t loose hope and I started learning about online marketing, strategies and networking. I realized that if I can master few skills then I can make a great amount of money out of it. So I started learning about SEO, Paid Advertising & Web development. Also I know that without learning how to network with people, these skills will be of no use. So I started reading books on network marketing and I have acquired knowledge as much as I can about all these skills.

Then I monetized my skills with the help of freelancing on fiver and Upwork. I also connected with my potential clients on Linkedin who gave me wonderful opportunities to showcase my knowledge and skills to them which helped their business to grow online.

After a year, Varun stepped into the ecommerce world where he came to know about dropshipping business. He started this ecommerce business in 2019 but it didn’t go well for him. Varun always thought to do something which will help people and with the increase in number of entrepreneurs and small businesses in today’s world, he saw that there is no one to look towards their business ideas, and then he started a magazine company “Magazine max” for small business, entrepreneurs and small influencers so that they can get the actual presence that they should get.

Varun learned the work ethics and gained the hustling power from the person whom he admires a lot, Gary Vaynerchuk. He love the way he works, his work ethics and a hustle of his life.

Varun also runs a digital marketing agency (ZZONIC MEDIA) with his business partner Shivam Kr Singh. Their company provide marketing services like SEO, Web development and Advertising , Zzonic media is working with both national and international businesses to grow them.

His advice for the newbies is that, Don’t run in the sake of becoming an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs are not made, they are born. And just keep doing what you are good at.





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