Author Silisti Karuriya has launched her second novel- ‘Samahi: Forever in Love’

A book is something that connects you with itself from the first page to the last page, and if it is even closed – it must be unlatched in your mind! And you must possess the curiosity to find what will be next in the content & It’s been 2 years as the readers have been waiting for the second novel of Silisti; now the time has arrived. Silisti has launched her second novel on Amazon.

An author of the illustrious novel in 2k19 (i.e. Chamde Ka Lutera), Silisti Karuriya has launched her second novel, “Samahi – Forever in Love”. This book encompasses the story of two characters of daily life, the story of circumstances and the story of the summary of life.

Summary in sense like two people confluxes in the love relationship, started falling for each other, promised to stay forever till their death, but there booms a turning point of harsh life in which on the second day after marriage.

Sameera, a character has left her husband Mahir (another character) perennially. But what had happened that day..?, What was the past of Sameera’s life that was intimidating her present..?,  Why the death of the second girl in Mahir’s life had happened on the day of marriage only..?, What was the last letter of Sameera for Mahir..?.

The characters of this story might be absurd, but it projects the wholeness of the present situation. While reading this, your mind might have a booming visualisation of the story like an ordinary serial and simultaneously you will be getting an unending curiosity to glide through the pages. And the most interesting part is the description of author for the mindset and ideologies of characters after the conversation of characters in the story. The language of the characters in the story is about a common and layman. And the characters from the society depict contemporary society so that we can easily correlate the story with your life.

Silisti’s second novel “Samahi – Forever in Love” is a fictional novel, and the hindi readers are bound to get a sheer amusement while reading. Young writer Silisti has pioneered the new strategy for the other writers and readers so that they can imbibe & breathe a new thought. And a generation may tread on a positive path. She has penned this novel with magnificent ideas and effervescent thoughts.

Silisti Karuriya is pursuing her PhD in Microbiology from Banasthali Vidyapith. She has written her second novel by occupying the valuable time of lockdown. And her stern efforts of one year has come out with flying results when her second book has got selected for Traditional Publishing from “Kiwi Books India”.

Read here: Samahi – Forever in Love


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