Shivam Pandey’s struggle to conquer his dream

Shivam Pandey, a normal guy just like us but his courage to drop out CA as profession and work towards his dream unconventionally & getting succeeded make him different from any of us. Shivam ,who lives in Delhi is now a Social Media Influencer with over 1M+ Fanbase and 10M+ Network. He is the man behind a famous meme page @theadulthumour (TAH)

Shivam Pandey

At the age of 23 he had so many responsibilities but the support of his family kept him going through all the ups and downs. He never stepped back and continued working hard and that is what led him to the path of his success.

Besides creating content, he has been helping brands to boost their credibility on social media and he also helps them get the right exposure online via his innovative marketing skills. He has worked hard to achieve what he has today and he still works to develop his skills so that he can grow professionally. He is never afraid of taking risks because he has accepted the fact that one cannot grow in his comfort zone. We all know that whatever he has today,he has worked for every bit of it. He is still working hard to conquest his dreams and even though his journey isn’t easy but his determination will help him to achieve his goals

When Shivam was asked about his success he said that “Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality, upgrade your conviction to match your destiny” and that is something we all should learn from Shivam.

Mohit Churiwal
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  1. Disgusting person with disgusting page(@adulthumour) on Instagram. Promoting hate and violence by BJP. RSS affiliated person. This page should be brought down by instagram for promoting hate. Rubbish…….!


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