Digital Entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar Releases His Mastery of Marketing Intelligence As His Dream Project in 2021

Seeing the growing demand for marketing intelligence and digital ventures, entrepreneur Kishanu Karmakar thought of doing something new with the idea of a new project in early 2021. The way digital business is growing with it taking many other industries along with it; similarly, this project was established to give shape to these needs.

Known in India as a Digital Marketer and an Entrepreneur, Kishanu Karmakar has built his career on the internet; alongΒ he is the Founder of SNK Creation Media & SNK Social Fame. By focusing on his vision, not only did he achieve the dream of being a digital entrepreneur, but today he is also a well-known social media consultant in India.

Kishanu Karmakar has extensive digital marketing knowledge and skills in all types of industries. He has also made a name for himself in the international market. With the power to transform his startup venture he started 13 years ago into a digital media company, he has grown into a successful digital entrepreneur.

He has helped many artists, celebrities, singers, politicians, influencers, and brands to grow their businesses with the right marketing strategy. In addition to achieving early success with many projects, he earned the title of digital marketer at a very young age. In today’s world, everyone appreciates his expertise in digital business, which is an inspiration for young people.

He has mentioned it many times in his live interview about starting his dream project. At that time he had stopped by saying that, it is my dream which I will make come true for the benefit of all of you. And today the day has come, when Kishanu Karmakar made his dream project live and expressed his happiness saying that – when your dreams become a reality, you feel a great sense of happiness.

This project is called “Social Astrologer”, and it provides a one-stop solution for varied digital marketing services. Kishanu Karmakar says that this is not a new idea that we created together, the special thing about Social Astrologer will be that all services will be available in one place. And you can get a professional help team with lifetime free customer support.

In addition to having a passion for technology, Kishanu Karmakar has upgraded his thinking with it, the result of that is that today he is considered among the Top 10 Digital Marketers in India. He says that digital marketing is not a chapter of a book, it is only achieved in continuous effort. Today Kishanu Karmakar has established his own reputation as a Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Researcher, Social Media Expert, and Blogger, for which the people of the industry join them.


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