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Nishka Tegnoor – Writer Giving more to the world of literature

Nishka Tegnoor is a 17 year old student from Kalaburgi, Karnataka. She currently resides at her hometown with her family, who she believes to be her support. She also calls her readers and social media supporters to be her blessing who give her opportunities to make up with new things, ideas and thoughts, she states that, her supporters are the back bone to her journey and whatever support and love they show towards her is the greatest gift. She owes all the credit of what she is as a writer to all them for being to her support at every step of her journey of writing. She says she’s glad to receive support from Kannada Television show actors like Swaminathan Anantharaman, Vaishnavi, Ganesh, Tanvi Rao, Shivranjan, etc. And Hindi television actors Alpesh Dhakkan.

When it is about Nishka’s education, she has studied her KG’s to 10th grade in one of the fabled and best institutions Chandrakant Patil English Medium School, Kalaburgi. She has now completed her 12th from one of the renowned institutions Sharanbasweshwar Residential Composite Pre- University College. Apart from academics she has been an active participant in her co-curricular activities in her entire 12 years. After having to complete 12th this year, she has for now chosen to pursue Architecture with all the zeal.

When It came to hobbies Nishka has shown enthusiasm in painting and playing roles in the stage plays, as she termed writing to be her life time passion and not just hobby. She had chosen to write since her 5th grade, she has shown much and consistent interest into poems, short stories and more of writing in her 9th grade.

When it comes to writing Nishka believes that words have the greatest power to hurt or heal people and the choice remains ours. Nishka desires to millions of souls through her words. She also has shown interest in talk and heal for which she has taken a small step through Confab- a talk and heal at Confab with Nishka through google forms.

In the field of writing is also a content writer for various websites, that she loves doing. Till date she has been co-authored in more than 20 anthologies, for which she has been awarded in a few of them and published her solo poetry composition book “Chords of an essence” with Haneul publications. Her work as a writer being among the youngest authors has been recognised and appreciated by KANLISH MEDIA. She has been awarded as author of the year 2021 by Aspiring Awards. Also been interviewed online for her work by Stallions Publications.

Nishka believes in “to find happiness is in spreading it”, she also makes ‘being kind to everyone and forgiveness’ her motive for life that she wants to be filled with satisfaction rather than only success, so do she follow her motive in all the places she steps. Making her life mantra “do not let success your head and failure your heart” that she has read from Kirti Sanon.
Nishka shares her thoughts, ideas, words and more on Instagram @inksingernishka

This book “Chords of an Essence” remains very close to her heart for always as it is her first published book, for which she owes much thanks to Tammy and team Haneul publications. And more and most gratitude to all her readers choosing to read her compositions.


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