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Shivalinga, a 20 year old boy from Gulbarga, who is change the digital era

Shivalinga A (Shivu) A 20 year old boy who was born in a Gulbarga, Karnataka at present he is staying in Bengaluru with his family. While in school days concentrate on studies was not much givin how ever by parents force he had completed his Bcom with average percentage. At present he is working as an ACCOUNTING in Logi Software Company. At the age of 15 he had a dream of owning a bike but to him it was not as easy as to own bike parents did not support him however he taught it was just a dream but he managed to own a bike with his own money. The way social media supported him was amazing.
As a commerce student he showed more interesting in marketing. When he was at 16 he came to social media to entertain people but his dream was to entertain millions of people
He started to entertain people in facebook page call Troll Hudugru he managed to entertain but Facebook didn’t support him his account got copyrights and was banned permanently.
He finally decided to join Instagram he had no idea about Instagram although he managed by opening his first Instagram page called Singleslife one day he decided to change his page name permanently to (life of singles) this pages is based on singles related quotes and the way people supported him was amazing his dream is to reach more than millions of people but he was only able to reach with 250k followers without any friends help he himself did with this stuff however he managed with it. But when he was more free in clg days he again got his back up account called (broken insidee) pages related with feelings he also got more support from followers. He growed his page with support of life of singles day by day when he reached his posts with lakhs of people he started earning with it.
But he was not quite he opened another page called (@back to school dayss) relates to school life this helped him to reach with more number of people this school page got amazing response from everyone which was grown faster and this pages made him to get addicted with Instagram
As lakhs of people supported him he keep posting thought daily with real life related feelings. Day by day he started to earn money through Instagram by doing Promotion / ads / marketing working on it at present. And now he is working hard to entertain millions of people.
Dont dream it just Do it.



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