As one of the budding author Mr. Sarbajit Chowdhury is about to launch his second poetry collection, he makes a way for a candid conversation exclusively with MAXTERN MEDIA.

  1. Your first book has been much critically acclaimed and is being awarded with so many awards, how that feels? How much obligation it loads you with?

To be true I am really nervous about it.  It took almost one year for my book to be a hit and sell hundred copies and reach to the people and I really don’t know how much time this book will take. The readers have showered me with lots of love and blessing so I guess the journey will be much easier. And awards that came in were really a big source of encouragement. I am keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Talking about obligation, it’s much heavier on me and I really feel I am answer able to my fans. I have worked hard this time and I believe it always pays off let’s see how all of this goes on.

  1. What is the title of your book and when it is slotted to be published?

I have not yet finalized on the tittle of the book but the work title of the book is “The Sluggish Fire”. I am keen on keeping it the same, but have to rethink and finalize.

The book will be coming in very soon, I am on the process and some minor works are needed to be done and it will be wrapped up very soon. I have lot other things to manage and I am a one man army so it will take a bit of time.

  1. What is the theme of the book?

The poems that are the part of this collection are result of my inner anger and grief which kept burning like the sluggish fire. The bad experiences, torture for not being the conventionally manly man, inferiority complex for not being good enough and forcefully succumbing to gender norms gender norms made me furious and clinically depressed. I kept the fire for shinning bright one day and these poems are from those days of my life.

  1. Which was the hardest poem to write?

To be very specific there was none. The reason is that I don’t write to please people but I only write to please myself and my creative faculty. So sketching the idea of any particular poetry was not so difficult. But yes! Putting them in the verse form was a bit difficult.

  1. What do you think about the gender roles affected your childhood?

My mother has never forced me to succumb to the gender roles. She taught me every possible household chore, but it was always the society that looked at me differently. They made sure I was bullied and pin pointed for not succumb to my gender roles. For example- my mother never stopped me from cooking; on the other hand the neighborhood aunty would taunt me and my mom for that. She would often compare me to girls. So yeah! Those as a teenager troubled me a lot and gave me a lot of trauma.

  1. Which is your favorite of the lot?

Now it’s very difficult to pick and choose from one. Let it all be a mystery. Let my readers read and find out.

  1. What are poems to you?

Okay! This is really tough to express but in one line its everything for me. I can express my sorrows, my anger, my grief and everything via poems. After penning down them I feel happy and less burdened.  They are my way of expression, my way of escaping reality. It’s a black hole of emotion where I can dive into anytime.

  1. What are your expectations from this book?

I have no expectations. I have done my part of hard work and now it’s on the part of the readers to decide, and I can just pray that this book attached to them like the previous one.

  1. What are the mistakes that you refrained from committing this time?

Okay there are bunch of it. First I tried not to write t please people and write what I feel is original. Second I was very skeptic in choosing the publishers as I never wanted to go wrong anywhere here. And I was very choosy and wise about picking among the offers.

  1. First of all how many awards for the first book? And expecting any for this?

Till now seven and hope will be receiving more. Awards are always additional encouragement and I would be very happy to receive awards for this book also if it’s really worthy of it.

  1. Ready for the reviews that’s going to pour in soon both bad and good?

I believe bad reviews are necessary because that is true criticism. Obviously it needs to be a productive criticism. Good criticisms are always to be relished and it confirms that your work is good enough and is loved.

  1. You are also pursuing academics and how tough it was for you balance both?

It’s not easy and definitely it’s demanding. I had to sacrifice sleep and routine, everything went in a spiral. I used to study the whole day for my finals and work on my book in the night. To maintain two full time careers you have to give it all. I tried to balance and reached somewhere.

  1. How is your mental health? As you talked about going through clinical depression?

That is so sweet of you to ask. I am doing better, going through medication and going through counseling.

  1. What are your hobbies and what else would you love to do?

Oh! Don’t get me started on that because the list is never ending. To begin with I want to be a graceful dancer, I want to be a makeup artist and at last but not the least I want to be a professor. And I am greedy and I want it all.

  1. Lastly, any message for the readers?

Thank you so much for providing me with endless support and love. The love you provided to my first book do love my second one the same way. Hope this time you will love my work.

Thank you so much sir for sparing time from your busy schedule. All the best for your new book and upcoming projects. We all are eager to read it.


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