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Jennifer A. Mancuso Turned Her Passion Into A Business, Multiple Times. Here’s How She Does It

Apart from her long and glamorous career as a highly sought-out, professional model, which spans more than a decade, Jennifer continues to break the glass ceiling by establishing not one but two highly successful ventures – J.A.M. Law Professional Corporation and J.A.M. Beauty Inc. Here, she spills the beans on how she managed to start a successful career – three times in a row.

Build a Rock-Solid Foundation

Having a modeling career that spans over a decade, Jennifer was well versed with the importance of foundation – both on the ramp and in the real world. In order to cement her future success, Jennifer pursued a honors bachelor’s degree from York University, where she was awarded the coveted ‘Womens Studies Excellent Academic Achievement Award‘ and the ‘Faculty of Arts Sessional Academic Achievement Award’ for both her upper years.

Knowing Jennifer, you know that wasn’t enough. While most people with a university degree and a killer figure would think they’ve made it, Jennifer’s motivation never waned. Her academic goal was far from over. She further pursued a law degree from the University of New Brunswick (where she received the award for First in Class in Evidence), and also completed a Negotiation Course from Harvard Law School.

Stay Focused on the Prize

Jennifer’s commitment towards her law degree was no vanity project. She, later on, laid the foundation of her own law firm, J.A.M. Law Professional Corporation. Her law firm specializes in personal injury and is conveniently located in downtown Toronto. It goes without saying that Jennifer has been even more successful as a practicing attorney, quintupling her income in just under two years of opening her own law firm.

Give Back to the Community (and the Environment)

Jennifer has been laser-focused on growing J.A.M. Beauty Inc. into one of the leading brands in the non-toxic, non-cruelty marketplace, as well as being a force for good in the world. Her cosmetics brand has the distinction of being developed and produced in Canada, with the exception of her creulty-free lashes. Apart from being in compliance with EU regulations, the products in the J.A.M. Beauty Inc. lineup are all non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and are not tested on any animals.

Another golden nugget of her success is that she always likes to execute with excellence. That means remembering every minute detail. Sure, keeping all that information (and small details) in the brain is hard work and makes it even harder to shut off, but according to Jennifer, that’s a trait that all successful women possess… and you know what – that’s okay.

So, now you know why Jennifer has been named one of the ‘Top 100 Canadian Professionals of 2020.


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