Meet Liam Anthony, A 36-year-old successful wealthy multi-millionaire.

Liam Anthony, A 36-year-old successful wealthy multi-millionaire is living a fast and expensive life.  

Liam Anthony is self-made millionaire from Nottingham, UK. Best known for his lavish lifestyle. born & grew up in Nottingham from multiple homes, multiple income sources, dream vacation getaways to luxury cars and choppers, Liam Anthony have made his fortune and is living a luxury lifestyle.

Liam started out early on created a strong work ethic within him that not a lot of people have. he is running EVER TRADE DRIVEWAYS LTD a construction company, and this is not only business, but he also has a luxury car business and night clubs & restaurants in UK & Dubai. focused to build his empire since he was 18, at high stakes and started making a fortune with multiple sources of income. He also hustled for other startups, but his main source of income has remained from construction business.


Style is essential when you’re a rich, and it’s no different for Liam Anthony. the Nottingham-born Liam lives an A-list lifestyle, a very large collection of high ends Patek watches, luxury cars including a helicopter, night clubs and restaurants in UK and Dubai. But he doesn’t just show off- he lives it too!  The 36-year-old multi-millionaire is living a fast and expensive life. His feed is full of extremely expensive cars, luxury stuffs and other things that only people with ridiculous amounts of money can do.

Liam has love for luxury cars, He was brought so many hi performance cars time to time, an Audi r8 was only to be 2 at the time in Nottingham then moved on to buy Ferraris, Lamborghinis and rolls Royce. beside luxury cars he also brought properties, land and developing more and more assets to be one of the most successful persons in Nottingham.

Liam also influence people to live a luxury life. he is an inspiration for entrepreneurs to balance work & lifestyle. Liam believes a luxury life is a condition of happiness and fulfillment, a concept very subjective, an idea changing relatively with time and trends. But ultimately, a feeling that you’re living the best life.

In a recent article on Nevs Asia he mentioned some beautiful words about luxury:

I’m sure most of us have questioned our limits if we can even get closer to the idea of living our best lives. The answer is yes! The reason my gut says so is that it means different things to me. Before kicking off or straight up disagreeing, take a step back and really think about what a luxury life means to you. You’re just where you need to be because I have been there too. But once I defeated the misconception that net worth is proportional to luxury, the tables have really turned for the better. True luxury is the epitome of comfort and convenience. Comfort isn’t expensive, it’s the simple things that calm your mind and make you happy. Convenience isn’t brought. Although, it could be. However, humans are constantly in the run for more. The true meaning of fulfillment is lost in this ride of dissatisfaction. It’s never-ending. The only way to attain this state of contentment is to believe you’re happy by making better today than yesterdays by altering and adopting a few changes in lifestyle, finances, relationships and everyday routines.
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