Instagram Account Limitation “we’ve added limitations to accounts“ – I am not able to accept follow requests – Instagram “Action Blocked” Solution

Instagram Account Limitation – Not able to accept follow requests – Instagram “Action Blocked” Solution. not able to accept follow requests because, account has been limited?

“We’ve added limitations to accounts that switch often between private and public to protect our community from in authentic engagement. since you switched from private to public multiple times, making changes to your account privacy will limit the number of follower request you can approve at one time and you will lose your existing follower requests.” Did you receive this Message when you Accept follow Requests?

As per the experience of some of Instagram users, Instagram is deleting requests of those accounts who are migrating public to private and vice-versa very often. Kindly accept all your pending requests before switching to public or business profile. Although there is no such update in the developers documentation, so this might be temporary. Stay tuned. We will inform you asap if there is any such update.

Why am I limited from approving follow requests on Instagram?

If your Instagram account switches between public and private too many times, temporary limits may be placed on your account including:

  • Limits to the number of follow requests you can approve per day.
  • Removal of existing follow requests if you try to change your account from private to public again.

Accounts that repeatedly switch between public and private can create poor sharing experiences for others. This behavior is discouraged on Instagram to help protect the community from inauthentic activity.

Instagram account limitations type of punishment which Instagram usually give to users who are migrating public to private and vice-versa very often. You will not able to follow request more than 100 or 200 in a day. But You Can Use Instagram Request Acceptors To accept all the All The Pending Follow Request. Read About Acceptors, What Is Requests Acceptors?


instagram limitation

If you are trying to accept follow request but instagram states (“You reached the limit of follow requests you can accept before making your account public. By making your account public, you will lose all pending follow requests.”) It means your account has been limited because you have switched from public to private and Vice-Versa very often.

Instagram never allow its users to switch from public to private and private to public very often if you will do that I want to will be limited and limited time period can be of 1 day, 1 week, 4 weeks, 1 months or 3 months. So don’t need to worry about it, Your account is Safe & Secure nor your account will be removed it’s Just a Small Punishment for you Mistake. Have some patience it’ll be all Fine Soon.

No one can remove instagram limitation and there is no official solution to remove instagram limitation. As per some user instagram limitation can be removed by taking official Promotion Instagram but i don’t think this is the way to remove instagram Limitation. You can only Wait till the Day when it’ll automatically remove from your account. There are too many rules and algorithms of instagram which you have to follow. 


Instagram Action Blocked


There are many reasons behind Instagram’s bold move. Some of them are:

  • You have been aggressively following and unfollowing people.
  • You used a third-party app to get likes on your pictures.
  • You used a third-party app to get more followers or to auto-follow and auto-unfollow followers.
  • You used the same comment multiple times.
  • You have a habit of liking many pictures in a short span of time.

If you are guilty of doing any of the above-mentioned activities, Instagram has detected you as spam and, hence, blocked you.

If you are Getting popup “ACTION BLOCKED” when you try to comment like or when you try to Follow/Unfollow.

Don’t worry it’s just a small punishment from instagram Your account will be back to normal in sometime. “Action Block can be as long as 1 week.

I’m getting the message, “Error: You can’t follow any more people” on Instagram.

To help reduce spam, Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to follow more than 7,500 people.

Anyone who tries to follow more than 7,500 people will see an error message, regardless of how many followers they have. Anyone who’s currently following more than 7,500 people did so before this change was made.

When Instagram detects that a particular profile is indulging in spam activities, it blocks them for some time and shows them an error message that says, ‘Action Blocked

It is Instagram’s way of punishing people for conducting mischievous activities. When you get this notification, you won’t be able to comment or like pictures on Instagram


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