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How To Accept all Instagram Pending Followers Request at Once | Accept All Pending Follow Requests Together

Ever wonder if it’s possible to accept all your friend requests from Instagram when your account if Public, ALL at once? Here’s the trick, which allow you to manage your Instagram account securely with Geniune Pricing & Offers. If you have tons of follower requests, you may be tempted to not accept them individually one by one, but you’re going to have to. Taking the easy route and downloading an app that accepts them all for you isn’t the best idea. If you download an outside app to accept the follow requests for you, you’re going to have to trust them with the username and the password to your Instagram account. They also might sell your information to other companies and are most likely operating with the least amount of security. Save yourself from the headache of taking back your hacked into account and just accept the follow requests with Acceptors.

Some Says That Make Your Account Public, all the requests will be accepted by it self, but this is not the right way, if you’ll make your account private to public, vice-versa your account will be limited and you will not be able to accept follow requests more then 200 per day. If your account is already in limitation acceptrequests have a pro feature wish accepts instagram pending follow requests even your account is in limitations. (Read About Limitation/what is Limitations?)

Ever wondered, how a Instagram page admin’s accept pending follow request? they have tons of followers, they don’t waste time to not accept them individually one by one. Instagram Page admin’s use Instagram follow request acceptors which accepts all the pending follow request on a single click. (accept all instagram request at once)

How To Accept all Instagram Pending Followers Request at Once | Accept All Pending Follow Requests Together

Your instagram is your life to keep that in mind and safe, easy, cheap solution to the instagram common problems like Accepting pending Requests (even if your account is on limitation i.e cannot accept requests in private, here you can) ,You can also check your pending requests at very minimal rates. Effortlessly track and accept your pending follower requests

Are Acceptors Safe To Use?

Yes, These acceptors use Proxies to Hide Your IP Address From IG to Prevent Ban, your account is 100% Secure, but if you have trust issue you can enable two factor authentication for extra Security, these acceptors work with 2 factor authentication. neither we nor any admins heard any news that claims because using acceptors ig account was ban. Ok! Ok! we know account can get freezed but only if you accept More then 10k in 75 Minutes.

Here’s The Link To Acceptors recommended by Admin’s

How Acceptors Work? : Guide

Step 1. Register on Acceptors with an email and Verify

Firstly register on Acceptors with email and verify your email by clicking on link in your email

Step 2. Add your instagram account to Acceptors using your instagram username and password

Once you have verified your account, you can login in the acceptor using your Instagram username and Password and if an OTP is requested, kindly fill the OTP sent to your device by Instagram.

Step 3. Buy a subscription

To accept your requests using Acceptors, you need to purchase the desired plan according to your need for your instagram username. To buy yourself a plan head to Pricing section.

Step 4. Verify your purchase/Activate Subscription

After purchasing the desired plan kindly verify it using your Username and Order id that will be displayed to you after you make payment.

Step 5. Accept Requests

After you have successfully logged in into Acceptors, Select the number of Requests you want to accept and then click Start.

Step 6. Number of requests accepted

As the requests are being accepted the live counter will display the number of requests accepted by constantly refreshing.

How To Accept all Instagram Pending Followers Request at Once | Accept All Pending Follow Requests Together

Please Note; Never Accept More Then 10k Requests in 75 Minutes accept 10k every 75 Minutes, If Accepted more then 10k in 75 minutes your account will be freezed for 60 minutes. (It will not affect your account but freeze)


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