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How To Accept Instagram Follow Requests More Then 200 in a Day when account is in Limitations

Instagram account limitations type of punishment which Instagram usually give to users who are migrating public to private and vice-versa very often. This behavior is discouraged on Instagram to help protect the community from inauthentic activity.



How Can I Accept Follow Request When I’m Limited?

You will not able to follow request more than 200 in a day. But You Can Use Instagram Request Acceptors To accept all the All The Pending Follow Request. Read About Acceptors, What Is Requests Acceptors? 

Here’s The Procedure

Step 1: Login To Acceptor (You Must Have a Plan to Login)

Step 2: Open Your Instagram app (Don’t Close the Acceptor Page in Browser)

Step 3: Make Your Account Public from Your Instagram App and Click On Accept Button Instantly From Acceptor.

It Will Accept All Your Pending Follow Request on a Single Click. (Some Follow Requests are Remove i.e 10-30 in 1-10k, No acceptor can control the removing of request but it will accept 99.99% Follow Requests, even you’re in Limitations.) Read About Acceptors, What Is Requests Acceptors?

Important Note;

  • Do not turn your account private again before accepting all the requests
  • Try to accept requests when you have around 5k pending requests (Accepting around 5k requests will inccur least loss, this is tried and tested)
  • If in case you forgot to accept when you reach 5k pending requests and now you have pending requests more than 10k, accept until your account gets into “couldn’t refresh feed error” and start accepting again as soon as the couldn’t refresh feed solves.
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