Irfan Khan Yousafzai : A young inspiring Model and fashion Influencer.

Irfan Khan Yousafzai is one of the charming fashion Influencer, blogger and Model .This impressive good looking guy has several accolades to his credit: Model and Influencer who worked for many brands.

He has worked in corporate ad-films and Music albums and as a print model, ecommerce model, hoarding board Model, website Model,  Influencer and as an official influencer at Amazon and Myntra studio.

Irfan started his career in modeling with a fashion pageant back in 2013. In starting it was really tough to stand in such a competitive industry. Starting few years was too hard with no work at all, but his good looks with good luck, fortunately, made him out of the crowd and a big name in the fashion industry.

He found fame in 2016 with his professional modelling shoots, music albums, ad-films. Since then his instagram and the resulting brand collaborations have only increased his notoriety and success. He has also received Kala ratn award for continuously making his people and city proud.

Today, Irfan has 14.5k followers on Instagram . The success of his modelling career lead him to create a line of fan following on the social media accounts.

All the pieces have his adorable ‘green eyes and blonde beard’ that is impossible to resist for any sassy fashionista.

Irfan says ” The passion for work you’re doing is very important, and if you don’t love what you’re doing then it will never satisfy you in life. Always choose the field you’re in love with and never give up on your dreams.”

Irfan khan Yousafzai is one of the most talented person with not only modelling but also with the skills of poetry writing and script writing. He shares his experience saying ” luck is important but if you’re hardworking and you have patience, then you can achieve anything in life. No doubt hard work is a key to success. ” Any aspiring Influencer and model must learn from him and his instagram handle is a real inspiration on work.


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