Public Safeguarding Adults Awareness Week: fifteenth – 21st November 2021

The week expects to bring issues to light on the various kinds of misuse or disregard and how concerns can be accounted for education blog. We as a whole have an obligation to care for one another, yet certain individuals don’t report their interests since they don’t have the foggiest idea about the key signs, feel it isn’t their business or don’t have a clue who they should converse with. The outcome is that associations pass up significant data that could assist them with shielding grown-ups from double-dealing and misuse. By cooperating with Kent’s numerous associations, we would all be able to enable individuals from general society to act when they are stressed over the government assistance of someone else and this week is an opportunity to begin a cross country discussion about shielding, so we can be better together.

Grown-ups can be in danger of various kinds of misuse and it can happen anyplace. This could be a grown-up disregarding themselves, or when another person treats them such that damages or damages them. It can happen once or on different events. Individuals who misuse grown-ups are not generally outsiders, they can likewise be accomplices, family members, a companion, neighbor, or carer.

The topic of the week is ‘Making Safer Cultures’ with every day introducing its own topic:

Monday – Emotional Abuse and Safeguarding Mental Health

Tuesday – The Power of Language

Wednesday – Digital Safeguarding

Thursday – Adult Grooming and the Ann Craft Trust Safeguarding Conference

Friday – Creating Safer Organizational Cultures

Saturday and Sunday – Safeguarding and You


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