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What happens when you memorize the Quran?


The Quran is one of the essential books in the world. Millions of people have memorized it for thousands of years, and those who can recite it ideally are considered blessed. But what does it take to remember this book? Is there any point in trying? And what will happen when you do manage to learn it?

The Quran is a miracle, even if you don’t understand Arabic.

Indeed, many of us can’t read or understand the Quran in its original language. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on memorizing it! If you’re reading this article and haven’t yet learned more about Quran and Human Life—or any other language for that matter—then now is as good a time as any to start learning!

The Quran is divided into thirty juz. One juz is thus equivalent to one-fortieth of the Quran.

“Memorizing the Quran is extremely rewarding. A person who memorizes and acts upon the Quran will be rewarded both in this life and the next.”

The more you memorize, the greater your reward will be. Learning and acting upon the Quran also has its rewards: You will receive more blessings from Allah (the highest) on top of what you have already received for memorizing it. The reward for teaching others about Islam is even greater than that!

Quran and Human Life

Muslims believe that anyone who finds the Quran challenging to understand should consult someone who understands it better.

If you find the Quran challenging to understand, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many imams can help you know what it says and how it applies to your life. When you start memorizing, you’ll have to repeat and practice each section until it’s locked into your memory. Then, move on to the next one when you’ve got it right.

If you find yourself stuck with a specific ayah or piece of text (like “And We have certainly made clear Ayatuna for generations before them.”), it can be helpful to go back and review previous work before proceeding forward again.

You’ll have to consistently review your memorization before going on to new material.

You’ll need to review your memorization. It means you must consistently go through the Learn Quran and make sure you know it by heart. The best time for this is before going on to new material because then there’s nothing stopping you from being able to recall everything easily and quickly when needed. It can also help prevent mistakes by not having preconceived notions about what part of the text or sentence should be repeated repeatedly during a given period (like during prayer).

You should review your memorization every day—even if only for a few minutes each night before going off somewhere else in life (such as work). If possible, try doing this while lying down on your back so that it takes less effort than sitting up straight would require while reading through pages upon pages of text at once; however, even just reading one page at a time will suffice if needed just as well!

If you find yourself stuck with a specific ayah or piece of text, it can be helpful to go back and review previous work before proceeding forward.

 This is especially true if you are trying to memorize the Quran while listening to it on audio. It is best to listen to a different recitation of the ayah than you used before. One way I found helpful was repeating out loud what I had just read in my voice (or at least as close as possible). Sometimes when we read something aloud, we tend not only to hear our voice but also other sounds around us—cars honking or people walking past us on the sidewalk outside our study room/home office. So even though we cannot see them directly from where we’re sitting inside this room now, there may still be some ambient noise which could distract us from focusing on what exactly needs remembering here!

So if this happens, try turning off any music playing nearby and repeating those words instead until they become clear enough in your mind so that even without any music around them now would still sound right without having heard them elsewhere first.

There are many different recitations of each passage in the book, so you may want to listen to several different ones before deciding which one will help you commit them to memory best.

If you want to learn the Quran, there are many different recitations to each passage in the book. These differ in style and tone. Some are more poetic than others, but all are correct according to Islamic tradition.

It’s essential to listen when reading these different recitations so that you can learn new words and understand the meaning of the text better.


The Quran is a miracle, even if you don’t understand Arabic. The words of Allah are each unique and beautiful in their own right, but when we read them together as one book, they become even more so. We hope this article has given you some insight into the incredible power of memorizing this text for yourself, and we wish you all the best on your journey toward spiritual growth!


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