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Interview with Ameer Vayalar, youngest international Coach India

Ameer Vayalar is the youngest Taekwondo International Coach from India and an International Player and National Referee who has been ranked in the World and Olympic Ranks.

Ameer Vayalar is India’s youngest international coach in Taekwondo, a Korean martial art and a competitive sport in many international competitions such as the Olympics, Asian Games and School Games.Ameer has been a coach since he was in 10th class. Taekwondo training started in the seventh class of Vayalar Rama Varma Higher Secondary School. He has been representing Kerala in national championships since the ninth standard. In 2013, he withdrew from the competition due to an injury sustained during the matches. In subsequent competitions he worked as a coach, referee and organizer. He was also the head coach of several state and national competitions, including the University of Kerala. He returned to the competition in 2019 and represented the Indian team at the International G1 Taekwondo Championships in Hyderabad, securing a clear place in the Olympic rankings and world rankings in the same competition. Many of the children who train under the Emir have established a clear place in state and national competitions, and one of his main goals is to train taekwondo with world-class equipment PSS(Protection Scoring System) Β to bring their skills to the world level.


  • Taekwondo International Coach (World Taekwondo) Taekwondo Youngest Indian Team coach
  • Taekwondo Olympic ranking And World ranking International player (INDIA)
  • BLS certified coach on American Heart Association (USA)
    world Taekwondo licensed member on GAL & GOL (GAL – Global athlete licences . GOL – Global official License )
  • Black Belt in Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Kukkiwon South Korea)
  • Taekwondo National Instructor
  • Taekwondo National Team Coach multiple times
  • Taekwondo National Referee
  • School games development association Kerala (SGDAK) Technical Director.
  • Working as Alappuzha sub junior boys team coach 2013-2014
  • Working as Alappuzha junior WOMEN team coach 2014-2015
  • Working as Alappuzha junior boys team coach 2015-2016
  • Working as Alappuzha Senior MEN & WOMEN team coach 2016-2017
  • Working as Pathanamthitta Dist Schools Taekwondo Team Coach 2017-18
  • Worked as Taekwondo Instructor Thirunallur Government Higher Secondary School
  • Worked as Taekwondo Instructor St Anton’s Girls HS , Alappuzha
  • Worked as Taekwondo Instructor Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM), Cherthala



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