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Since 2019 the dynamics of work and collaboration have been changed drastically. What seems impossible, working from home or from a remote location, is becoming normal. Not only that, McKinsey has found that 93% of employees want remote work to be standardized. This puts a lot of pressure on organizations to find mutual grounds to retain employees. In this quest, integrating project management software or Odoo Asana integration will resolve most of the problems associated with remote work.

Top 03 benefits that the enterprise project collaboration tool offers include, inducing maximum engagement and collective efforts approach with clarity of purpose, minimizing the hurdles, and offering purposeful collaboration with no silos. Along with this, it standardized practices to make everything measurable e.g. KPI, team performance, time, and resources allocation.

Here in this article, we have provided two things, first an overview of how the latest Asana update is making things easier for the organizations. Lastly, it contains an overview of features that one can gain after CRM Asana Integration. Hold on! You won’t have to look hard for Asana Consultant, because the internet has significantly reduced the geographic boundaries and you can easily hire a remote consultant to get customized Asana CRM Integrations.

Features of Odoo Asana Integration

Odoo is no doubt a reliable ERP and CRM solution that offers open-source and community development features. Along with this, there are two types of Odoo, one is maintained by the developer community and the other one is by the Odoo developers.

However, the best part is Odoo Asana integration opens up new avenues for the users that let them manage and customize the project management at both executive and micro employee levels.

One of the key feature that Asana integration offer is @mention preview, action item tracking, agenda management, and assignment management. This makes the workflow super agile. Along with this, business process and task automation reduce the hassle of manual task monitoring. It empowers users to create a cutom workflow with desired rules to regulate the task response, forward, and reminders.

Moreover, the user can create subtasks that act as a milestone for the employee and help map the progress of the task that is due to be completed in a week, month, or year, e.g. application development, interface designing, and campaign planning.

Also, the CXOs can actively track employee engagement, activities, and availability management. On top of this, the Odoo Integration with Asana aims to standardize the practice of remote work by allowing time tracking, employee allocation, risk identification, and KPI tracking.

Asana Updates

It is project management software that has significantly improved its interface and updated its feature to make things easier for the users, especially for the employees working remotely. The first thing that the update offer is β€˜My Task View.’ This offers a holistic view of tasks assigned to users and gives reign to the users to self-manage tasks and customize the dashboard view from the list, board, and timeline options available at the top right corner.

In addition to the multiple view option, the Asana update also provides the β€˜Week View’ option. It is similar to a planner, but the purpose of this is to minimize the clutter of deadlines and tasks from overlapping. It also empowers the employee to create, manage, optimize and span tasks on a micro-level.

Also, the update offers the user to β€˜add automation rules’ and invite a peer to preview the dashboard. Simultaneously the user can grant the guest assess to the peer for β€˜my task editing’ without leaving the rights to the tasks or ticket.


The remote work model offers lots of benefits but not all organization has the resources to transform completely from on-premises to remote work. However, in 2021 many tools and SaaS software have been introduced e.g Odoo CRM, Asana, and Pipedrive, etc. But the key is how you aim to manage the task and empower employees to be efficient. And, the long-awaited solution is to get a project management application that offers two-way management support and automation offer so that the employee working remotely can save time and effort on tasks that are not urgent. At the time, we suggest you get in touch with certified Odoo Consultant and Asana Consultant to get the complete picture.

Gabril Luke
Gabril Luke
I work with SaaS, Tech and established E-commerce, CRM and ERP solutions companies (Techloyce) to help create and execute a content marketing strategy built around your goals and ROI.


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