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Fireplace Outline Ideas For A Perfect Focal Point

Whenever people enter the living room equipped with a fireplace, their attention will no doubt be drawn to the roaring flame inside the fireplace. There is no doubt that the fireplace will be the focal point of the room, so it should bring great luck to the people who lit it in the house.

Although it becomes the focal point, people should still consider decorating the fireplace surround, including the fireplace wall, hearth, and mantel. Some ideas for the fireplace surround can be applied to create harmony and balance in the room.

No chimney walls

People may find a fireplace that is complete with the fireplace wall, but other fireplaces do not come with this feature. If you have a fireplace without a fireplace wall, you can make a visual presentation of the fireplace wall by placing the paint collection symmetrically. To know more info about fireplace ideas visit https://magikflame.com

In addition to the collection of paintings, people can also use a sculpture piece or a larger mirror to define the wall space above the fireplace. If people want to get the dramatic effect, they can cover the entire wall with wallpaper that comes in adventurous colors.

Chimney wall

A different treatment should be done if people have a fireplace that is completed with a fireplace wall. The focus should be on the fireplace wall, especially if it is beautifully finished with textured material, for example.

Small decorations such as tea lights can be used that can be placed on the mantelpiece. Another option that can be used is to add a single chandelier on the shelf under the fireplace. It will be useful to add interest to the fireplace.

Collection display shelf

The mantel can provide the space to display things, including the collection. This can be done if people have the decoration of the room that is more traditional or informal. People can get creative with the method of decorating their mantel.

If you have sensitive collectible items in different shapes and sizes, you can simply place them on the mantel. They can mix it up as long as there is a common thread connecting those elements.

Items can be layered, but people shouldn’t forget to place them collectively. It will come in handy to avoid the messy look on the mantel. If people don’t have a mantel, they can use a mantel over the mantel which can be the replacement for the mantel.


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