A untoled story of ashadullah rohan

Asadullah Rohan is a popular music artist, politician, writer, social worker, and philanthropist. Asadullah Rohan was born in May 1993 in Dhaka. Asadullah Rohan has been working for the establishment of a developmental society with family and the establishment of democracy by overthrowing undemocratic governments.
Ashadullah Rohan is an artist and music composer. Asadullah Rohan has released two music albums on different platforms. His albums are “Din Gelo” and “Prematal Alo Alo”. He is very optimistic about his new albums. Ashadullah Rohan believes that his People will like the songs very much, the songs have been made public on more than 50 platforms including spotyfy, deezer, 7digital, boomplay, apple music, tiktok music, youtube music. Both songs are quite romantic.
Ashadullah Rohan is a writer. Ashadullah Rohan writes songs, stories, poems and novels. Ashadullah Rohan has written a book. The book has been published in amazon kindle publication. Anyone can order the book online, for only 2.9 us.$. The name of the book is “Judge’s atonement”. A judge judges people, but judges also do wrong, they are also punished, that judgment is in their own court, not in court. And there are such incidents in this story, Ashadullah Rohan hopes that everyone will like the boo.
Ashadullah Rohan is a director and film maker. Ashadullah Rohan has joined the film industry through a short film. Everyone will get the name of his movie “A Newtown” on Imdb and watch the movie for free on Ashadullah Rohan’s YouTube channel. The graphics of the movie are very nice and the story is also great, the movie has been made centering on a new city that has developed.
Ashadullah Rohan is a helper, he helped people when the whole world was in trouble because of Corona various, he ran to people and helped as much as he could. He wants to dedicate himself to loving the people, Ashadullah Rohan has joined politics to get the love of the people.
Ashadullah Rohan is a favorite politician. He does politics for the development of society and establishment of democracy. That is why he has been tortured at different times. Ashadullah Rohan wants to liberate the society and establish a better society. He wants to ensure proper service of food, clothing, medicine and education to the people.
Ashadullah Rohan is a democratic fighter, he fought for democracy. He wants to liberate the poor and suffering people only by establishing democracy. In countries where there is no democracy, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, people are living with misery. But no one publishes this information, there is no discussion about it in the world.Ashadullah Rohan called all those countries anti-democracy and wanted to liberate the people by establishing democracy in these countries.
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