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Stephen Ugenti, mostly known by his moniker of Steveslife, is one of the leading social media stars of today, having provided his efforts, experience and expertise to market himself as an influencer and further on, as an entrepreneur.

Scaling up on social media is not always as easy as it seems. For every original content creator, there are two who repost content from other creators. However, instead of letting himself get discouraged by this Steve chose to make use of it. One of the largest accounts that Steve has on Snapchat is Comedial which posts memes and funny videos. The way Comedial works is that Steve asks for consent to reshare and repost appropriately funny and interesting content from other influences on a variety of platforms including Tik Tok and Instagram. Such content usually covers videos and other short clips. Apart from this Comedial also has its own team of meme curators who create and collect memes that are based on viral trends and other present-day news.

You might be wondering how this could be beneficial to the other content creators from whom Stephen Ugenti reposts videos. Some might even say that it is not logical since this means that they are basically consenting to have their original content and inherently, the hard work and creativity put behind it, be stolen. However, a crucial piece of information in this transaction is that Steve has a follower count of more than 6 million on the Comedial account and that too in just 3 years! With a reach so wide and an audience so diverse it becomes quite understandable how collaborating with someone like Steve could mean many more followers sent their way.

However, this isn’t just a singular effort. Comedial and Stephen Ugenti’s other Snapchat accounts are all part of SUM Media. SUM Media was launched around three years back and works to connect brands with influencers to increase traffic in whatever category is required. Most of SUM Media’s clientele ask for exclusive deals with influencers to garner attention for their newly launched game on the app store, their eCommerce site and other such cases. One of the biggest achievements of SUM Media to date has been their collaboration with brain jolt where they offered over 60 million unique clicks to their platform through engagement with their Snapchat and Instagram audience.

Presently, Steve hopes to take his TikTok account to 1 million followers by the end of this year and is aiming to increase his YouTube subscriber count by 100,000 in a month. Stephen Ugenti will keep hustling and building new connections every day so make sure


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