Munish Verma Proved that there’s no age to get success

The word “enterpreneur” is a statement in itself. A statement that if achieved, makes you a league apart. As a kid, I believed that an enterpreneur is a young person who is rich, wears fancy clothes and drives the most luxurious car. As the time time passed and I became an adult, I learn that enterpreneur are people who hustle everyday to fulfil their dreams to built values through their services and products. As an enterpreneur, you make decisions, you lead team and people look upto you as the director of a Bollywood film. Deep down, enterpreneurship is a journey rather than a materialistic desired destination.

Every year, India churns out 1.5 million engineers and I was one among them. A civil engineer by profession and an enterpreneur by heart. I was earning quite good and having a well settled married. Life in Dubai for a qualified engineer is like us is somehow superlative but as they say, you can give a man pair of wings but the freedom rests to him. The first step of becoming an enterpreneur is to make hardest decisions of your life and living upto it. I quit my job to start my own digital media firm the “Digital View India” in my hometown Ludhiana, Punjab. Digital marketing is a skill that I pioneered. For the very first time, money, fame and luxuries didn’t mattered but the journey itself is quite pleasant and adding values to my customers need gives me happiness. I hustle everyday, even on weekends and sometimes, I have to burn my oil till midnight. Perseverance is the key to run a business. Now, my Instagram page “bestiies.4ever” has reached 1 million mark in just 16 months and my very own brand, “Digital View India” is adding happiness day by day to my life.

Well, am I rich or drive fancy cars? It does not matter to me anymore. For I see myself to be happy to hustle everyday and making decisions that is changing my life. I live a very happy married life and our venture has added happiness only. People often ask me to tell the skills and knowledge that is required to become an enterpreneur and all I could say is that to take that one risk. It is good to build your dreams eighty hours a week for your company rather than working for 40 hours for some job that you don’t love.


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