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Graceful Colour-Coordinated Buoyant Flowers From Your Nearby Florist’s Shop

The bright colours of flowers are sure to brighten up your day. Red, pink, yellow and white are the four main colours in which flowers come. These flowers signify love and adoration when given as a gift whereas they can also be gifted to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Being extremely easy to care for, you do not have any excuse not to gift someone flowers on an upcoming special occasion!

The Sunflower

The Sunflower is a really big flower with seeds that can be used as food for humans and other animals. This means it is super delicious! The favourite part of the sunflower, though, is the centre! It’s so round and fun to play with, plus its bright yellow colour makes me happy inside!! 

Also, if you cut one open, you’ll find white fluff inside, so fun!! The only downside of the sunflower is its pointy edges. They make a good face scratching flower, but other than that, they are perfect!!


Roses come in almost all colours: white, pink, red, yellow and orange. You can get them in any colour you want! There is a myth about roses: once you cut the rose plant and it has already given its beauty for this year, don’t throw it away because it will take root and give you many more flowers next year. With an old scissor or knife, cut the stem at a 45 degrees angle just under the soil, and the rose will grow roots. 

This plant is known as ‘Semper Augustus’, which was found in the 18th century. The legend says that there was only one flower ever grown, but after cutting, it got to be 5 different flowers which then grew another 5 each. Flower delivery in Mumbai, and you can get roses from there.


Lilies are super pretty flowers that look like pink fireworks!!! They grow on long green stems with pointy green-yellow leaves at the end… kind of like carrots. If you draw one, make sure the bottom half of the stem/leaf thing is thicker than the top, so it looks like an upside-down heart! The best part about lilies, though, is how the petals are all pointy and overlap like a flower crown!!


Tulips look like super big peachy cupcakes with swirls on top!! You can draw them pretty much anywhere, but they’re especially cute as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Be sure to make them stand out from whatever you stick them on by painting bright colours like yellow and pink (and maybe even some green if that’s your thing).

You’ll also need to paint their stems little green leaves since they grow in bunches. Plus, I don’t think anyone would wear a giant upside-down cupcake as jewellery unless it were made out of chocolate, and that wouldn’t be very sanitary.


Daffodils look like smiling yellow sunshine flowers!! All love how happy they look when they’re in the sunshine! They are now found everywhere so if you want you can get them. Flower delivery in Noida is smooth and fast. The only complaint is that daffodils aren’t good for anything other than being pretty, but then again, it doesn’t matter if a flower can be used as food or has a special use because who cares?! Flowers are meant to be beautiful, and that’s all that matters!!


Daisies are so cute!! They look like little yellow circles with pointy green leaves around the bottom, kind of like carrots. If you paint them on a shirt, people will think your shirt is daisy-patterned, which is my favourite pattern ever!!! Just make sure to draw lots of different sized yellow circles all over the shirt and then scootch them together into bunches! And don’t forget about painting their stems and leaves too!!

Hibiscus Moscheutos

 Hibiscus Moscheutos is one of the most popular plants in North America, with large flowers up to 5 inches across. These plants are usually planted along roadsides or gardens because they are very easy to maintain. Since they are native within these parts, this plant will survive almost any condition Mother Nature can throw at it.

Calla Lily

The beautiful and elegant Calla Lily is one of the most popular flower choices for weddings everywhere worldwide. Unlike other flowers, the Calla lily is not alive during its blooming stage – instead, it grows underground and then sprouts up before flowering into a gorgeous calla lily blossom. The leaves of the plant are quite large and jagged in shape. You can order flowers online to freshen up your home with its fragrance and charming beauty.  

Sunflowers, roses, daffodils, lilies, tulips, and daisies are just some of my favourite flowers!! People’s most favourites mostly include orchids (pink and purple), peonies (white and pink), carnations (red, white, and green), posies (any colour they’re just a bunch of little flowers that are super adorable!), orchids, tiger lilies, sunflowers, roses, daffodils, lilacs (purple and white), daisies. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about your favourite flowers! We didn’t even mention tulips, carnations, sunflowers, or roses because they’re all so beautiful and perfect. 


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