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Dope boy Leo Journey to become Musical Artist

Today new techniques have revolutionized the game and have opened the doors for new people. The music industry has developed where regional music dominates and Bollywood music has attracted foreign music lovers. I have many projects on the list and we working on completing this hope that they should be this year, โ€œDope boy Leoโ€ said
However, it became now no longer clean for the younger guy to up with lovely colorings through turning into a YouTuber and artist. Heโ€™s began out his YouTube channel. Which offer facts and understanding on diverse issues. As properly as he stored his track open and made positive to do properly on this region as properly. Variety of songs on many different subjects and even as handing over the videos, he has stored his adventure easy together along with his particular talent. He has proved to the sector that he is ideal within side the area of track and different strategies that might make him a winner with inside the mainstream media.
After his debut hit Break up Party, Leo dropped yet another hit Oxford Street under the label Sony Music India. The song turned out to be a Sure Shot Party Number & the next favorite song of urban music lovers across the globe. Followed by Oxford Street, Woofer Baja was released by Zee Music Company & later on Text by Acme Music came in Bam Bam Bhole featuring Lil Golu, released by Acme Music was another banger track that got people swaying. The track again went viral & helped establish LEO his name in the hip hop scene of the Indian music industry.
He is a multi-talented person and one of the rising names industry of music. Starting from a very young age in the entertainment industry, the musician worked as a YouTuber before starting his journey as an artist. He is an established musician and artist. Everyone in the world knew him by his artist name โ€œDope by Leoโ€. But his real birth name is Leo Grewal.
He is an Indian musician, influencer, and promoter.
Leo Grewal who is also known by his artist name โ€œDope by Leoโ€ from Chandigarh, is an artist, promoter, composer, blogger, in such a short span. He learned various music techniques, tricks and became an effective Singer and lyricist expert.

During his early years, he opened his secret path to success in building music and content. He continued doing blog till now and became one of the leading artists in India.


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