Sneha Jain is the latest literary sensation

At the moment of time , Sneha Jain is a 20 year old author and writer from the City of Karnal , Haryana. She is presently pursuing B.A English Honours. She aims to be a successful writer.
As she has been an inquisitive person since infancy, creativity ,in all aspects has been her power.

She was eighteen, when she realised that her interest and passion lies in writing.She launched her first book โ€œTHE VISIONARY LIGHTS FROM A DARK MINDโ€ at the age of nineteen, in August 2020.
The book contains some poems , composed by her , easily relatable and readable poetries, all about the real world with a hint of imagination.She is also a co-author in 10 anthologies , an E-magazine
and still going on.

She has been awarded with :-

โ€œThe Future Star-Best Debut Author 2021โ€ by Cherry book ย Awards

โ€œWriterโ€™s Ink Awardee 2021โ€ by Applause Awards,

โ€œBest Writer Of the Year Award -The Opus Talent Awards 2021โ€ by Opus Coliseum ,


โ€œAlpha Talent Awards2021 โ€ by The Alpha Talent Awards 2021.

Also, she is a nominee of โ€œ 100 Inspiring Authors of India Award 2021โ€ by The India Awaz

An effective writer is able to distill complex thoughts and ideas into simple, clear language that’s quickly and easily understood by others. This valuable quality helps them tackle even the densest subject matter by breaking it down into uncomplicated pieces

She writes to motivate and inspire people. Usually, one gets related to her writings in fraction of seconds. She believes to express the reality of the world in words. Most of her writings are of women empowerment theme. She believes that everyone needs to voice up their opinions . โ€œAfter all, why do we have an ability to think if we do not voice up our opinions?โ€ , she says.

Many few people

She is currently working on her second solo book, which will be out this year.

She is a bubbly soul, who likes to spread the smiles, happiness , joy and courage.


Author Sneha Jain

About her book:

The Visionary Lights From A Dark Mind” is an anthology by Sneha Jain ,it contains her own, very original different types and kinds of easily relatable and readable poetries, all about the real world with a hint of imagination.

The creativity quotient is top-notch in the book and the authorโ€™s number game will hopefully continue in his third. To find out more about these world-class books โ€“ read them now!

Recieved a five star rating on Amazon!

Kindle price: 105/-

Insta ID- @sneha.jain25


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