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Suri Vinay – The Marketing Geek

Suri Vinay (Vicky), A 19 years old boy born in small town of odisha after some years of struggling period, he Shifted to Pune with his family for a better life and education. As long as he started dreaming and growing up, not only in the field of studies, but also in the field of social media and digital marketing. He came to this huge social world when he was in 12th grade while boards were on head, one of his childhood friend suggested him to join social media because he is a commerce student and knows everything about Maketing, E-commerce and business. Apart from studies, he kept on participating in other extra curricular activities and tried to outshine his own talent as a Digital Marketer. Whenever he gets an Opportunity to do so he has always been the first guy to raise hand. As he started his first page named @crick_lol about one of his own favorite game cricket, which got immense love and great support from his followers ,this created more interest in him to work more. After a Sometime that page of cricket got disabled by instagram for some reason. But his interest and passion hasn’t stopped him there, as he waited for his first page to get Reactivated but it never happened. After few months he created another page and named it @magical_lines_ this page is based on human feelings, With great support of his followers and with the help of his relatable content ,he gained numerous followers in very Short period of time  and He Supported Brands likes Tiktok, Vigo, Like, Hello, Beardo, AmpMe and many more brands for carrying out their Paid Promotion Campaigns..
When he was on verge of his Profession Then came a Turning point in his life where he decided to combine his interest with his work and created another page named @thebackbencherrs where he framed his own Experienced Memes which were Relatable to his Childhood as he was a Back Bench student. Simultaneously he completed Google Certifications and became Digital Marketing expert and Social Media Strategist,  he has His own 500K Followers base and Handled Upto 100+ Million base, Moreover, he is also educating himself to get practical knowledge about digital platforms and fulfilling his dreams ,which he saw as a middle-class Boy, Earning handsome amount of money by which he is supporting his family Financially.
 “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”


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