Saturday, May 25, 2024

Krishna Sharma, a self made millionaire living a thug life with his talent of sarcasm, know about his journey

Krishna Sharma, the man behind several big meme pages on instagram, the one known for his great sense of humour and sarcasmic talks. This Delhi born, 19 years old boy is setting benchmark for different youngsters willing to get fame on social media. He’s an Undergraduate, pursuing medical from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is one those admins who are behind making things go viral. His hobbies include traveling, listening and creating music and memes as well. His aim in life is to live with financial freedom in life & become a wildy successful person in his family!
Krishna is a very smart and creative social media handler and digital marketer. He himself owns some big instagram pages like @desithuglife, @thesarcasticsociety, etc. Which collectively make his netbase equals to more than 2m+ followers, with 200m+ social media network. He is a very renowned social media influencer and has collaborated with many big brands as their social media influencer like tiktok, vigo, etc. He has even handled more than 100+ Campaigns for t- series & Salman Khan films like Dabangg 3 & Street dancer & has earned in millions, which even makes his a self made millionaire!
In the beginning, he started making dubsmash back in 2015 – 16 when he was just 16 years old and was in 11th standard, then he opt for vines but, due to less opportunities like good video camera & also he wasn’t financially good enough to promote his videos, he opened his page on instagram so that he could promote them there, but then due to academics & page’s work load, he stopped making videos but his page widened in terms of followers and likes and rest is just history!
He is the person who stay focused to his work only and doesn’t interfere or get jealous of other people’ works and success. He always try to achieve more and more in life and stay happy with whatever he achieve with his hardwork in life.


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