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Artificial Grass Outside the Box and Inside the Box

If I was to ask you where your lawn is, most people would naturally indicate their front or back yards. Most people no matter what type of building they grew up in, automatically conceive that this is where a lawn should grow, even if they never even had a lawn on their property. Much of this can be attributed to the television shows we watched growing up, friendsโ€™ houses we visited, or possibly our own childhood house. Truth be told as population density continues to rise the number of houses with front and back yards is slowly diminishing, with more and more high-rise developments being built.

The end result of all this density with respect to gardens is that all those people who reside in townhouses, terraces, apartments and flats only have gardens that are located indoors or on their balconies, patios, feature walls, sunrooms and rooftops. Thankfully most governments have mandated that there must be a balance of publicly accessible parks or communal areas surrounding larger housing complexes. This is why indoor plants and gardens have become quite popular in recent years.

If you have an indoor garden that you have come to love, you will probably realise how easy it is for your passion to grow little by little and slowly you add one or two or three more plants to give you a beautiful green indoor space. Something you may not have realised is that a perfect accompaniment to your indoor garden is artificial grass, for several reasons which I will explain below.

Expand the Green

Artificial grass is a fantastic material to work with and can be applied to almost any surface. This means flat surfaces, round surfaces, and vertical surfaces. It could even be applied to the ceiling if you want. This versatility makes it the ideal material to sit with your indoor or outdoor green area, and will give the appearance of a more expansive garden in a small footprint, due to the lovely green colours. Itโ€™s also worth pointing out that the design of most modern synthetic grasses is actually based on the texture, structure and colouring of naturally occurring grasses. So really can look like the real deal!


The properties of synthetic grass are not only flexible but also highly durable, waterproof, as well as UV resistant. This means it will keep its luscious green colour no matter what you throw at it, making it the ideal way to brighten up your room. If you ever need to clean it you can usually just wipe it with a sponge if you have it indoors, or a quick hose down if outdoors. It also wonโ€™t have all the maintenance requirements that natural grass has, such as weeding, fertilising and mowing, so once you set it you can almost forget it!

Extra Benefits

Another benefit that many people might not recognise is that artificial grass is its shock absorption qualities, especially when used in conjunction with a reasonable underlay. If you want to have an area that will see a little bit of rough and tumble and minimise injury, such as a play area for children or for pets then this is an ideal option. Finally, the other benefit is the lifespan, with proper professionally installed artificial grass having an average life span of close to 20 years. This means that your area will be protected for a long time, and if itโ€™s an outdoor area where youโ€™d normally be performing maintenance then there are significant costs that will be avoided.


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