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DIY Tips To Repair Broken Home Appliances On Your Own

It is no secret that we all have that fear in the back of our heads that your appliance will break in the middle of doing something important and causing a lot of damage to your house. That is why you need to be prepared, but also realize that you can avoid major appliance malfunctions just by taking care of them and doing regular maintenance. But if you are experiencing a broken appliance and you don’t want to pay a hefty bill from the handyman, here are some tips that will help you repair your own appliance without hurting yourself or the appliance.

Fix The Seal On Your Oven

One of the most common reasons why your oven isn’t as hot as usual is because the seal is not working properly. With that minor issue, you are losing over 20 percent on the heat, therefore your food isn’t cooking. Make sure that you are looking for the seal and checking its condition to find any broken or torn pieces. All you will need to do is purchase a new one and replace it.

Flip the Switch

If you are dealing with an appliance that is large and it has stopped working, a common thing that happens is that it has flipped the breaker. Sometimes that happens because there is too much electricity passing through the outlet, so the breaker box will cut off the power to it to prevent any hazards. If that has happened, you will want to unplug all the appliances except your largest ones. Major appliances are fridges, microwaves, dishwashers, etc., while small ones are kettles, egg boilers, etc. But always make sure that all the major appliances have their own direct outlets as that will prevent from creating a power surge. Once all major appliances are plugged in, flip the switch and see if they work.

Clean Or Replace Dirty Range Hood

When it comes to your hood not working, the most common reason is that they are filthy. All you will need to do is take off the greasy filters and later put them in soap and wash them with hot water. If you have a dishwasher, you can run them through the hottest cycle. But if you have filters that are charcoal or paper ones do not wash them, replace them instead, and always make sure that you are getting quality appliance spares that are the right fit for your model.

Check the Cords

Another thing that can be the problem is the cords. Cord damage is very common if the breaker box is flipped, so the best and simplest thing that you can do is change the cable. In most cases, you will be able to find cord replacement kits that are super easy to install in your local home improvement store.

Give It a Good Ol’ Shake

We have all seen dads hit or shake an appliance that has stopped working. But sometimes this will actually work. If you are dealing with a screen that is blinking or beeping, that might mean that the sensor is malfunctioning. That usually happens because there is dust or lint stuck in the seniors of the unit which will cause it to mess up. A good hit or shake will often move that dust.

Keep Your Dryer Quiet

When it comes to your drier and it making loud noises or not drying clothes well, the fix is quite simple. The reason why your dryer is being too loud is sometimes that there is too much laundry, the vents are clogged or it is sitting on uneven ground. Something that is less common is having loose screws on the vents so they rattle. When you are having dryer issues always make sure that you are detaching the vent tube and vacuuming any debris as well as ensuring that the filters are clean. Doing so will prevent it from catching on fire if there is a spark or the temperature gets too high.

Watch Tutorials on the Internet

If everything else fails and you are desperate, but not desperate enough to call a professional, you can watch a tutorial on the internet. In most cases, the videos will be done by professionals who will demonstrate it very well. But make sure that you are choosing videos that have a lot of views as well as positive feedback.


Doing your own repairs when it’s a minor error is a great thing. But if you are not confident in your skills and you are dealing with a more serious issue, always make sure that you are seeking professional help to avoid any serious damage or creating a hazard. Always think ahead and be confident in your DIY skills.


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