Arin Dez releases new music video ‘Kothay Tumi’

Arin Dez never seems to disappoint his listeners with his releases. This talented artist from Assam has already made his mark in the limelight when his song ‘Genda Phool’ went viral all over the internet. Fans went crazy and have been waiting for his new releases.Β 

On his YouTube channel, he is seen doing songs in Sylheti and Bengali languages. He also released the Bengali Rap version of the 2021 popular song ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ and which has received huge appreciation from around the World and garnered lakhs of views all over the social media and online streaming platforms.

He recently released a Bengali song titled ‘Kothay Tumi’ which translates to ‘where are you’ on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and all other streaming platforms. The song is produced, written, and performed by Arin Dez himself and narrates the story of a guy who is longing to see one last look at his beloved but has no idea about her whereabouts.

‘Kothay Tumi’ is an RnB Bengali song with modern western sounds and touchy melodies which has the ability to make anyone emotional with its tune.

Prior to the releases, Arin Dez posted on social media that he started writing the song in 2020, and due to some personal issues and pending projects he did not get enough time to complete the song, which he did in 2021. Later recorded the song that very year and decided to release it. Before releasing the music video Arin Dez released ‘Kothay Tumi’ as audio. Later on 31st December 2021, he announced it to the last Music Video on 2021 and released it worldwide.

So far ‘Kothay Tumi’ has received a huge amount of appreciation from around the world and listeners are waiting to hear more of such rendition from Arin Dez. He also announced that he is going to release the first song of 2022 in February.Β 

Be it a Bengali, Sylheti, or Hindi song his compositions and lyrics are something that is always in the talks of his listeners. ‘Kothay Tumi’ has been a classic hit for its lyrics and melodies and hopefully, his listeners are waiting to hear more of such this year.


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