Meet Swaraj Singh A Story Teller

Swaraj Singh was born in an orthodox Rajput family in Jamshedpur, a small town in Jharkhand. He grew up imagining himself in the posters of Bollywood films. Since education was given prime importance in his family, he did his MBA in Marketing and then moved to Mumbai to pursue his acting dreams.

Since childhood, he had a passion for arts so he did everything – dance, drama, singing, drawing, sports, martial arts, cooking, writing, playing instruments, etc. to explore his talents, but his prime intent was to learn. He won several prizes during his school and college days and discovered that acting is the only profession where he can use all his skills to the best of his abilities. used to get tempted looking at the trophies and prizes so I used to participate in anything and everything. From an inter school competition to a locality dance competition with the sole purpose of winning it. Because I used to do everything, there was a time when my dad started saying – ye sab kuch karta hai pata nahi future me kya karega” recalls Swaraj when asked about any interesting moments of his childhood.

Swaraj adores his dad and remembers him fondly. “My dad was the most humble and honest man and probably one of the most successful failures. His luck always bowled him a bouncer and he always used to duck with a pleasing smile” shares the actor. He was a businessman by profession.

“I still remember his smile and the advice he used to give me. He used to share his failures and always taught me to be honest and loyal to my work. He was a strong believer of Karma and the last word he said to me was –Beta kabhi harna ma I do miss him a lot, but I am aware of the reality of life. I treasure my family, which is why I love my mom so dearly as she is my only source of inspiration”, he says proudly.

After completing his 12th he moved to Bengaluru for higher studies. Later, he started doing modelling and was constantly dreaming of moving to “Sapno ka Shehar” – Mumbai It is evident when he says, “My mom put a condition that unless I score a distinction in MBA, I won’t be allowed to go to Mumbai. So every time I used to study I used to motivate myself by saying –padhna zaroori hai warna Mumbai jane nahi milega

Finally his dream came true and he moved to Mumbai to pursue acting and joined “Actors Prepare”. He owes his career to all his gurus who were ex NSDians and says “Today whatever I emote on screen or on stage, it’s all because of my gurus. I really want to make them proud one day by receiving a National award for the best actor.

Swaraj loves singing and painting and recently picked up the guitar to add another skill to his achievements. He loves adventure and traveling and wants to travel the world to explore the mysteries that exist. Despite hectic schedules, he makes time for his family and visits them whenever he gets a breather


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