Harpreet Singh Talks About The India Together Foundation And How It Has Come Forward To Help During The Pandemic

Led by Harpreet Singh, the India Together Foundation is a non Government organization driven to provide relief services and health and other assistance to the general public. In the city of Delhi, the India Together Foundation has been on the forefront as far as providing healthcare services and equipment and raising awareness on Covid-19 is concerned. We held a brief discussion with its founder Harpreet Singh who is a young and esteemed social worker and youth leader in Delhi. He has completed his education from the Westminster University of London. Recently, Harpreet Singh received a prestigious Certificate of Appreciation from the World Sikh Chamber of Commerce for his selfless work and contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How is your organization helping the Covid-19 affected people in the city?

We’ve been pretty active locally as well as on social media. As soon as we get approached by someone, we instantly connect them to the required healthcare services. Not only this, we are also involved in identifying people who are in need of medical and healthcare equipment. The India Together Foundation is giving severely affected families and people the access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators. Our team is also looking out for medicine requirements of Covid-19 patients in the city.

We’ve heard that the India Together Foundation set up specific awareness campaigns. Can you tell us about them?

Yes. They’re more of informative programmes really. Our team has carefully formulated them so that they can actually reach the places we want them to. They’re focused on hygiene and safety guidelines and putting out important fact based information. There’s a rise of fake news and myths on social media during this pandemic and it’s easy for gullible people to fall for them. That’s why we decided that efforts in the direction of disease prevention and control would also require accurate information reaching the general public.

At its level, the India Together Foundation has also played a huge role in resolving the migrant crisis that came in Delhi. Harpreet Singh’s organization has been dedicatedly working on ensuring that migrant workers and labourers are comfortable and secure in the city. The team of India Together Foundation believes that providing food and health security is the primary way to tackle the migrant crisis.

Very recently, Harpreet Singh received a prestigious Certificate of Appreciation from the World Sikh Chamber of Commerce for his sincere social work contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through continued relief services and relevant help and support programmes, the India Together Foundation under Harpreet Singh has come up as a change making and solution oriented organization in Delhi.



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