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Ankit Kumar Singh name entered in Forever Star of World Record


Ankit Kumar Singh’s name has been included in the Forever Star of World Records. He was awarded the Global Iconic Leader Award for his outstanding work in the field of writing. Ankit Kumar Singh is the founder of Life World Community Publication, the largest Professional community in the world. Ankit Kumar Singh has written more than 1000 poems so far, which are related to the stories of life. he isa multi-talentedd iconic personality with severalrecipientst of several reputed awards. Ankit Kumar Singh has co-authored 1000 books with different publications. He got a place in the contest of Super 7 India and got his name in the 50 poets of the country in the December 2020 competition of Super 7 India. He is the founder and CEO of Ak Media Group And Ak Music Production. He is the founder and CEO of Ak Media Group And Ak Music Production.

He is the Brand Ambassador of Acadia.

He is the Youngest Founder of an International Publication.

He is the Co-Founder of 10+ Publications.

He is the Only Publisher to take projects of all writers on any theme.

For a period he is serving as a Board Member Of International Publishing Origination(USA).

It is our wish that you touch more heights in your life. And you continue your journey. Just as you have placed your Authorship on a height, so should it be.He has won more than 1000+ certificates, trophy and medals respectively, in most writing community, and for anthologies respectively..
Also participated in many open mics

He likes to give a platform to the budding authors, artists and photographers in his pages through all the units of lwcp. He is featured in many magazines, websites and live shows/interviews and he is the inspiration of many for his famous line โ€œHaters are my biggest motivatorsโ€ because he is Victorious in his life even after facing a lot of difficulties in his life including an attempt to murders thatโ€™s why he is a role model for many people.

He believes in hard work, dedication and creativity and also believes in this line โ€œHaters are my biggest motivatorsโ€.

Most Inspiring Persons of Ankit Kumar life โ€“ Devi saran(Father), Madhavi Devi(Mother), Mukesh Kumar โ€“ Abhi (Uncle), Ankit Porwal ,Ajeet Singh ,Kavita ,Manmohan Singh Sir โ€“ Mathโ€™s teacher-Kv No.5 Bathinda, Shivdat Sir โ€“ Hindi Teacher โ€“ VPS Jodhpur.


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