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Who is Nishtha Shrivastava? All you need to know about Milestone Miss Asia International 2021

Nishtha Shrivastava was born in Bhopal and is a bestselling author and IT Professional who completed her graduation from Rajasthan Technical University.

She started her journey from MIQH Miss India 2020 competition that was held on December 21, 2020, at an event in Delhi. At the beauty pageant, beautiful ladies appeared as the winners. Contenders namely Nishtha Shrivastava was crowned as Miss India Shining star 2020 and Miss India Vivacious 2020. Soon after her triumph in Miss India she went to represent India in Miss Asia international’21 and won the title of Milestone Miss Asia International’21

Who is Nishtha Shrivastava?

As soon as Nishtha was crowned, people were fascinated and wanted to know more about the lady who represented India at the  Miss Asia pageant in September 2021 and brought the crown home for India.

Nishtha was born in Bhopal and is an award-winning author and public speaking enthusiast. The 26-year-old enjoys discovering the world of writers. Nishtha has studied at Rajasthan Technical university.

According to Miss Asia, while mounting up, Nishtha was a bold child and favored to express herself through public speaking, Bharatanatyam and music. Her favourite quote as listed on her website is, “Life happens only once, we have to make the best of it”

Her interests are diverse – ranging from writing, classical music, Bharatnatyam and speaking. She takes it upon herself to perceive things that usually go ignored and this helps her truly live in the instant. 

Milestone Miss Asia International 2021 winner finds her mother, late maternal grandmother, and brother as the three utmost powerful people in her life. Nishtha is also highly inspired by Aishwarya Rai, who is also the winner of the Miss World  pageant.

In an conference, she had said, “Out of all the prettiness empresses, Aishwarya Rai stands out to me because she’s a warrior – she has always selected to push her limitations and made her mark in numerous spaces – music, movies, entrepreneurship, social work, and the list goes on. Also, as a bold kid who tried to make herself heard loud, I always observed up to Aishwarya for the honest lady that she was. 

Nishtha Shrivastava was recently crowned Miss Asia International 2021.


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