Zwak News is an Afghan News Agency

Zwak News Agency (Pashto: ځواک نیوز) (Persian: ځواک نیوز); ‘Zwak – ځواک ‘ is a natural ‘Pashto’ word which means ‘Power’. Zwak News is an Afghan media outlet, which was established in January 2020 at Kabul, Afghanistan and Owned and operated entirely by Afghans. First time Zwak News Media was launched in 2014 and was publishing paper magazines physically. In 2020 began publishing news and information online. Zwak News presents all its content online in Pashto language. Zwak News covers international content in all its forms, with the majority of viewers and readers currently being from Afghanistan.


For almost a decade now, Zwak News has been publishing a series of physical newspapers and magazines in Pashto, the country’s official language. Currently, Zwak News continues its online broadcasts and services. At the same time, it publishes various educational programs for children, as well as literary, artistic and cultural programs, both online and through magazines.


Zwak News was first launched by a student during the university period in 2014 on a graduation project, in which they started publishing news in a paper magazine. And eventually became a register at the government. Until 2020, Zwak New Media continued to operate online news. Zwak News publishing News in Pashto Language, At the same time publishing news paper megazing.


“په افغانستان کې د سولې په پروسه کې د خلکو رول” [The role of the people in the peace process in Afghanistan.] (Digital Version)Ariana Megazine (in English and پښتو). 03: 06. July 3, 2019. Given that Afghanistan today faces major challenges and is engaged in heavy fighting, the people of Afghanistan have a direct and constructive role to play in the ongoing peace process.

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