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Anku Malik: Meet The Talented Indian Musical Artist Of This Modern Creativity

Anku Malik, Today’s we talk about A verified popular Indian Singer and Musician. Working on the musical beats, as well as composing side of things, Anku Malik has released artfull tracks like ” Age 18 , ( Hooka Aali Feel ), ( Emotional ( Sad Song ) etc. Many more. Anku’s real name is Ankit Malik but he is mostly known as β€œAnku Malik” For his audience and strong fan following. Anku Malik is also verified as a artist from this name and also his YouTube channel became famous from this name.



Anku Malik is also runs a Knowledge of them digital strategic automation firm, where he helps unverified artist to grow them. Anku Malik says, β€œI love making music, for the sake of my art, for the sake of music itself. I am not looking for fame or money, I just want to make music and make the people who listen to my music happy.”


Anku Malik is born on 17 November 2002 at Hisar, Haryana. Anku Malik is now just 19 years old and in this modern generation he is the most popular musical artist, internet celebs, digital creator of India. Anku Malik passed out 12th in 2021 and started his graduation for his career at next level. Anku Malik just love to do social media creativity like his passion. Anku Malik says ever since I was a kid, I was drawn to the world of music. But before starting music as a career I took time to build my business so I could have a stable safety net. Now that I have built it I can dedicate time to music and I’m enjoying every second of it.”


Anku Malik commented Speaking of the difficulties of being an musical artist is rewarding but also tough at times. You are your own support system, you are doing everything from production to marketing. But whenever anku put out a new project, his fans and well-wishers shower it with love and appreciation and that keeps him going, and motivates me to keep doing what he’s doing. He hopes to keep making more songs.” Anku Malik declined to reveal much about his projects, opting to shroud them in secrecy. Anku Malik did tell us that these upcoming tracks are the best of his work yet. And given his track record so far, we wholeheartedly believe that Anku is right.


Anku Malik is also famous for his handsomeness and looking fabulous for his cute personality. Recently Anku Malik verified on many musical platforms like spotify, boomplay, resso, musixmatch, and jio saavn etc. Anku Malik also gets verification badge there. Anku is an inspiration for those people who belongs to a middle class family background and want to make a brilliant career in digitary. Anku Malik is also most time searchable by his audience. Anku Malik is also verified on google with his google knowledge panel. We can check by search him on google. He has a verified name with his fame.


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