YRI FOUNDATION – Stand With Humanity .

YRI FOUNDATION ( YRIO OR WIKIDSIA ) , is a non profit organization , founded by Sorif B. Mahmud in 2016 .

The main goals and objectives of the Yari Foundation are to provide financial assistance to people from all over the world, donate to orphanages, donate to old age homes, donate to hospitals, provide financial assistance to the poor and needy including orphans and provide jobs to the unemployed.

The Yari Foundation believes in humanity. They believe that humanity is to be kind to all living beings, including humans. That’s why they want to help all people. Its founder, however, is a Sunni Muslim who believes in Salafi doctrine, declaring Ahmadis to be infidels and advising them to follow the correct Islam. He hated Ahmadis. However, he advises to show kindness to those who follow the Ahmadiyya religion without understanding it. For this he was criticized more than once. However, most critics support him and advise him to remain steadfast in his greatness. One Sorif B. Mahmud is enough to learn what humanity is.

The Yari Foundation believes in humanity and wants everyone to realize the true meaning of humanity and be humane. Because the nature of man is humanity. And those who do not have this humanity are inhuman.


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