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Youth Stands For Cleaner Nation, United as Vrikshit Foundation

We live in a world full of filth and selfish desires caring for everything related to us, but Earth, which is the only thing that links us all together.
In this era of filthy desires where humans are fighting for, against each other, spreading pollution in all forms destroying not there livelihood but of the future generations.
There are still people left with humanity. These are the people who care for our Mother Earth! People who desire to make a change, people who keep the will of tackling Climate change, people who love clean areas, people who love nature, people who care for poors.
Yes there’s still humanity left on this planet.
I’m talking about a organization founded back in May 19, 2019, Vrikshit Foundation in New Delhi, India by Mr. Shankar Singh.
Vrikshit Foundation, united by such people who wish, will and are already making change in the society.
It is always and true said, one can make a huge difference in the society.

As said by Mr. Shankar; “We all know how dirty is our Yamuna river, it’s very polluted whether it is plastic or industrial waste we are equally responsible for that.”
“Vrikshit Foundation is working to make our Yamuna river clean again. We have cleaned river banks at Delhi which had become a gutter over the years. We have cleaned more than 80 places till now which was only possible because of our 1000 plus team members in different states”, he added.

Everyone’s busy destroying the planet by producing garbage and throwing in whatever place they feel. But the ‘Vrikshitians’ are here, the ‘Gaurdians of the Earth’ clean the garbage and turn the place again into a blissful area by planting trees, flowers.
They have transformed many many areas from dumping ground into a garden. Such a place is Shalimar Bagh CA Block JJ cluster colony, this place was full of garbage the locals had made it a dumping ground, but now you cannot even figure out if it was a dumping ground once. See images.

This filthy society didn’t even leave the school area. There’s this school ‘U&V block government school’ in Shalimar Bagh Delhi children couldn’t even sit there earlier, can’t explain the conditions.
“When I asked him about this area he further said, We couldn’t work on this area much but did our part and later took government’s help to replenish the school area and building and he said now the kids are going to school everyday with a smile on their face.”

We humans are a threat to this earth we never leave a place clean, without garbage we don’t even leave the forests. Yes Vrikshit in Kerala have cleaned the Mangroves, which are the most effective in preventing flood and produces Oxygen for us.

Talking about Azheekal Beach, Kerala Shankar added, ‘they had to face same conditions: all plastic, garbage etc.’
Vrikshit foundation team transformed the Azheekal beach and have made eye catching drawings on the big stones, walls around the beach to spread awareness.

How can us leave our water bodies our lakes! Talking about Saroornagar lake, Hyderabad, he said, ‘the banks of the lake was flooded with garbage full of plastic before, but our team once again did a great piece of work here as well.’

Moving forward when I asked him about the increasing pollution levels and what role they are playing to tackle this he said, they are playing a very crucial role to reduce the pollution levels. He said, they have started planting trees all over the India with the help of their volunteers under their #10ktreeschallenge and till now they have planted 1000 trees and are keeping track of every single tree planted so far.
When asked him what role has government in this and what they can do, he stated, “We as a responsible citizen of this country have united and doing our best. We believe that as a responsible citizen it’s our duty to keep our surroundings clean and it’s upto us what we want to leave behind for the future generations. We haven’t took help from govt. in most places cuz we know we can do it cuz we are the one responsible for this pollution.”
He further added, “we ask govt. for help only in places where it’s not possible for our team. And govt. did support us in those cases.”

Vrikshit Foundation has set their agendas on which they will be working throughout 2020.
It includes:
1) Cleanliness
2) Awareness
3) Plantation
4) Children Happiness
5) Poor sanitary conditions
these five have had been their main concerns till now and further adding some new agendas to work on are: Education for all, Women empowerment, Sex education, Good vs Bad touch.

I’m very much influenced by the selfless work Vrikshit Foundation have done till now for the poor, humanity, society and offcourse this planet. I wish the best for their future agendas.
They are doing a great job in today’s world, we need many like them to come up together and give our mother earth what she deserves; the love, care!
Kudos to Vrikshit Foundation.

I must ask you to contribute to this good cause by (Points to remember) :
1) Reducing the use of plastic leading to reduction of waste
2) Only use renewable products
3) Help nature in nourishing itself by planting trees
4) Reduce use of paper.
5) etc


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