Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Aman Jaswal, a great memer and an experienced Instagram admin, know about him!

Being an admin and a memer are two completely different things which most of the people don’t understand or have not much knowledge about. But there’s a boy who proved that a person can be both if got enough talent, skills and knowledge. That boy is none other than Aman Jaswal, a 22 years old young boy from Delhi, who is a great memer by the talent and an experienced and wonderful Instagram admin too. Most people know him by his surname more than his name itself. His acquaintances mostly call him “Jaswal” only. He is an undergraduate student at Chanderprabhu Jain college. His main hobby is to make memes as he loves to make people laugh through his amazing humour.

Jaswal hails from the heart of India, Delhi. He is an experienced social media marketer and an admin who started his social media journey with @_mybaelove and then it continued to couplearea, trollsstuff and many more! In the field of digital marketing, he has got a good reputation as a digital marketer. He has even worked with many big renowned celebrities like an NBA player. He helps people to grow their accounts with ease in terms of popularity, followers and likes. His current account is @thesarcastictrolls on Instagram. He gives a lot of credit of his success in the field of social media to his family members, parents and his friends. His brother Akshay Jaswal helped him a lot. His friends namely Ayan, Vishal, Himanshu, Akash, Punky, Harsh and many more helped him in every phase of his social media journey and he owes them a lot.

Aman Jaswal, being an experienced and humourous Instagram admin and memer, is very generous, cheerful and kind by nature. He always relies upon helping needy people.



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